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Century Custom Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Standard Xchange C200/C210 – TEMA type AEL/BEM or NEN fixed tubesheet shell & tube heat exchanger

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Product Features
  • TEMA type AEL, BEM or NEN
  • Fixed bundle
  • Straight tube
  • Less costly than removable straight tube bundle designs.

Straight Tube, Fixed tubesheet with removable channel or bonnet or integral channel with removable cover.

Can meet all TEMA classes as well as ASME Section VIII Div 1 and ASME Section III N stamp for Nuclear. Other codes available.

Fully customizable. Variety of sizes, tube diameters and materials available.

Applications: For heating or cooling oil, water and chemical process fluids.



Tube side accessible for cleaning and inspection.

No packed joints

Tube side fluids only exposed to gaskets, therefore, volatile or toxic fluids possible on shell side.



No provision for differential expansion, unless an expansion joint is used..

Shell side cannot be mechanically cleaned.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools