MagFlux® Series MJK MagFlux® 7300 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Developed to measure and log conductive liquids

MagFlux® 7300 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is developed to measure and log conductive liquids such as drinking water, wastewater and process liquids in both closed and pressurized pipe systems. The PTFE liner has a low degree of friction, and is chemicals resistant and suitable for high media temperatures. With this electromagnetic flow meter, you are ensured stable and very accurate measurements.


Product Features
  • Measures and logs conductive liquids 
  • 4-20 MA output for flow in one or both directions
  • Supports IP 68 installations
  • Large dynamic measurement range with accuracy of up to ± 0.25%
  • Sensor range, DN 15-100
  • Built-in MODBUS® communication from display
  • Built-in data logger with display unit


The PTFE / PFA lining of MagFlux 7300 is working well with the rugged elements of waste water and for very corrosive chemicals as well.

The output from the converter is RS485, and the converter can be wall mounted up to 1000m from the sensor. This is very common in larger waste water pumping facilities.
One MagFlux Display can handle four converters and sensors.


For very heated water, highly corrosive water or water containing other aggressive elements, the 7300 lining PTFE / PFA is recommended. This lining is especially created for process fluids.

The Electrodes ares created in Steel, Hastelloy, titanium or platinum and will match almost any usage.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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