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Fully Automated Programmable Sampler

YSI’s ProSample portable samplers feature a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate sampling in applications such as surface water, stormwater, and wastewater.

Product Features
  • Connectivity
    Flexible options, including: Analog 0/4-20 mV, Digital and SDI-12 (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 only)
  • Volume accuracy
    Proprietary peristaltic pump, High sample volume accuracy
  • Compact design
    Easy to transport, ProSample PM and ProSample PM-12 are ideal for tight installations, Double-walled and insulated for longer ice retention
  • Low maintenance
    Easy pump tube replacement, Spring-loaded roller bearings for long tube life
  • Easy to learn, easy to use
    Simple programming and calibration, Stores 12 user-defined programs, Many different sampling scenarios are possible

ProSample for use in COVID RNA Testing

YSI ProSampler Automated Sampler for COVID RNA TestingYSI’s ProSample portable samplers feature a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate wastewater sample collection which can then be taken to a laboratory for COVID RNA testing.

Samples are collected from the wastewater network in the morning and evening during peak hours. The ProSample units are located adjacent to individual buildings such as apartment complexes whereby sample collection from the wastewater network is representative of the community inside the complex. Once samples are collected they are taken to the laboratory for sample analysis and detection of COVID RNA.

Conducting this efficient sampling solution at a sewer node allows for the connection of COVID to an individual building. Alternatively, testing can eliminate a single building for the presence of COVID and direct efforts elsewhere.  

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The ProSample series has extremely high volume accuracy to keep your facility in compliance. The ProSample series is most commonly used in stormwater and storm event sampling, influent and effluent wastewater treatment, collection systems for industrial pre-treatment and any time based sampling requirements. The ProSample series provides a unique combination of design and technology.

The proprietary peristaltic pump supplied with the ProSample series, allows for accurate sampling volumes, by using a two sensor design versus the more common one sensor design of most buy-out peristaltic pumps. The samplers come with two sets of tubing, one for operation and one as a spare as standard. The spring loaded roller bearings of the pump provide longer tube life, up to 20% longer than the competition.

Once taking samples and collecting data, the data log is easily recovered using a USB which than can be loaded into a PC. The ProSample series does not require a lap top to be brought to the sampler. The ProSample series has non-volatile data memory for up to 5 years, so you never have to worry your data is unable to be recovered if power is lost.

Available ProSample models include:

  • ProSample P: full-size portable sampler
  • ProSample P-12: full-size portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity
  • ProSample PM: mini portable sampler
  • ProSample PM-12: mini portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity

Included with each ProSample:

  • 5 meter suction hose with screw connection and sinker weight
  • 10L PE container (only the ProSample PM and the ProSample PM-12)
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Two peristaltic pump tubes
  • Printed copy of the ProSample Getting Started Guide




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