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Electrode for Photometric Titrations

The OptiLine 6 is a photometric sensor that can be used like any other sensor. With the additional analog BNC / DIN connection, it can be connected to titrators or pH meters.

Many titration applications and methods, e.g. N Ph.Eur or USP prescribe the use of an indicator for the titration end point. There are also methods that explicitly require the use of a photometric sensor.

Product Features
  • 6 wavelengths over a wide range:470, 520, 570, 590, 605 and 625
  • The wavelengths are adjustable via TitroLine® 7XXX
  • 100% resistant against solvents due to shaft made out of titanium. This makes a very wide range of applications possible
  • Very compact. Fits into each standard titration clamp/-head.
  • Easy to clean. Simply rinse with solvent and / or water

The OptiLine 6 is compatible with YSI's TitroLine®7000, 7750, and 7800 via the USB connector. The sensor is supplied with current and detected as a digital sensor. This allows the setting of the wavelengths and other parameters such as the intensity via the Titrator or TitriSoft software.

Typical applications for the OptiLine 6 include determination of chondroitin sulfate-sodium, carboxyl end groups in PET (non-aqueous), TAN/TBN according to ASTM D974 (non-aqueous), sulfate, and all complexometric titrations like total hardness.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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