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Smart Cities

Smart cities reach farther

Smart city IoT starts with a smart public infrastructure to deliver clean water, dependable power, safe gas, and efficient public lighting. As smart cities free up resources by intelligently delivering essential services through the Internet of Things, they are able to invest in other services to improve quality of life.

Smart Cities Resource Center

Browse these resources to learn more about the benefits of our smart city technologies

Deliver new services

Water and energy systems are fundamental to every city—and smarter management of them is the foundation for smart city IoT. Whether you need AMIAMRCVR, or DR, our smart networks combine residential and commercial metrology and sensors with the FlexNet® communication network, software and services. It’s an unbeatable combination that allows you to go beyond metering to true intelligent resource management and monetization of your assets.

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Case Study: Fountain Valley, CA

Learn how a smart water network led to 23 percent decrease in water use

Future-proof solutions

Smart lighting provides the fastest on-ramp to a connected city. Our VantagePoint® Lighting Control solution—along with analytic software for actionable information—can jump-start your vision for a brighter, connected city that starts with FlexNet.

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e-Book: Smart Lighting Strategies

Discover the benefits of smart lighting and our VantagePoint Lighting Control solution

Keep innovating

Big data is everywhere, and our analytic solutions and sensors are making already smart cities even smarter. The smart sensor bank is an array of standard sensors mounted on light poles that detect location (GPS), air quality, proximity to detect traffic/pedestrian movement, light level monitoring, moisture, temperature and more. The possibilities are limitless—and a great way to involve constituents by surveying their needs.

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Infographic: Smart Lighting

Learn why cities are seeing the light about smart and sustainable lighting benefits.

Add value

Our SDK (Solution Development Kit) has already enabled deployment of the Sensus® Smart Gateway sensor interface  (water/gas), SentryPoint™ Cathodic Protection solution (gas) and Load Control Module (electric)—and we can help you, too.

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