Disinfection, Sanitization, and Spraying

When the health of guests, customers, and communities is at stake, our compact disinfection, sanitization, and spraying solutions are specifically designed for harsh chemical transfer and precise pressure and flow requirements.

Xylem is the market leader in manufacturing diaphragm pumps, with more than 45 years of experience in the sale and supply of pumps used in various industries. We work with more than 1,000 OEMs globally, and with millions of units currently out in the market, our Flojet and Jabsco branded pumps can support a wide variety of pressurized disinfection solutions, including fogging, misting, spraying, and foaming.


Chemical Transfer

chemical-transfer-528x330.jpgDesigned specifically for the harshness of handling chemicals and able to stand up to a full range of caustic, corrosive fluids, our transfer pumps can be configured with a variety of flow meters, fittings, hoses, and valves to provide a complete pumping system.





Fogging can be used in small areas to reduce moisture residue and is ideal for disinfecting a space that may need to be used in the near future or at short notice due to the quick dry time. Fogging supports the effective disinfection of small spaces like vehicles, single offices, or small rooms.




misting-528x330.jpgMisting can be used to disinfect open areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or office buildings as large areas can be disinfected in a short time period. Misting treats all services including floors, handrails, workstations and fabrics, allowing for more accurate disinfection of open spaces.




spraying-528x330.jpgSpraying is the most common form of disinfection and is typically used when an operator is needed to manually apply the disinfectant solution. Spraying supports the manual disinfection of hard-to-reach areas.





foaming-528x330.jpgFoaming is used in any application that requires either a deep clean or where an increased concentration of the disinfectant solution is needed for surfaces with high-contact time. A foaming solution is often followed up by a spray application to achieve a high level of decontamination and is typically used in the food industry on process equipment.


Water Boosting

water-boosting-528x330.jpgBoosting water pressure is important for some disinfection applications where water is used as the driving force. 




Water Transfer

water-transfer-528x330.jpgXylem supplies a broad range of pump systems and solutions for water transfer in various industrial applications. From hygienic solutions to CIP processes to complex liquid compositions, we can analyze, customize, engineer, and install a complete solution that brings greater reliability and efficiency to any operation.



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