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Ultrascreen disk filter

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Product Features
  • ​Validated under California Title 22 protocols up to 16 gpm/ft2, the highest disk filter flux rate in the industry
  • Easily handles TSS spikes up to 150 mg/L without clogging, compared to 50 to 70 mg/L of other disk filter systems
  • Unique backwash while in operation reduces number of units required and levels out flow to disinfection units, enhancing disinfection efficiency
  • Compact and modular "plug n play" set up for quick start up and lower construction costs
  • Lowest operational costs in class with durable, stainless steel mesh filter sections
  • Ease of maintenance by design with aboveground installation, sectional mesh screens for easy cleaning and replacement, easy access requiring no special tools

Superior performance for tertiary treatment and reuse applications

​Xylem Leopold® Ultrascreen® disk filter brings stainless steel strength and durability to tertiary treatment and reuse applications.  Validated under California Title 22 for reuse, at loading rates up to 16 gpm/ft2, it has the highest certified loading rate of any disk filter, up to 2.5 times the flow rate of other systems.  The Ultrascreen disk filter handles higher solids loading than any other disk filter too, up to 150 mg/L without clogging, compared with 50-70 mg/L for cloth disk filters.  It has even demonstrated the ability to meet Title 22 requirements of less than 2 NTU when treating influent turbidities of up to 20 NTU. 

The key is the unique design that directs flow between two rotating steel mesh screens.  The continuous disk rotation brings solids into contact with the screens at an acute angle, trapping particles that are even smaller than the mesh size.  The unit backwashes while remaining in service, presenting a fresh filter surface to influent flow, and leveling out forward flows to downstream disinfection.  The Ultrascreen disk filter enhances all types of disinfection, lowering chlorine demand and increasing UV transmissivity.

The Ultrascreen disk filter's many adjustable features allow you to adapt to changing conditions, adjusting the speed of rotation, wash cycle time and influent levels in the feed zones to optimize operations and conserve energy.  The highly efficient backwash requires only 0.5 to 2% of forward flow, reducing pumping costs, and adding minimal additional loading to the headworks.  Combined with the high flow and solids loading capacity, The Ultrascreen disk filter eliminates worries about peak flows or temporary clarifier upsets.  It keeps you reliably operating and in compliance.

Easy to operate and maintain, with lowest life cycle costs in class

The Ultrascreen disk filter is compact and modular, with "plug n play" ease, reducing construction footprint and providing quick and easy startup.  Its high hydraulic loading capacity and in-service backwash feature (no need to provide additional units to handle flow during backwash) means the Ultrascreen disk filter requires fewer units to treat design flows, lowering construction costs.  The compact design and fewer required units also make it ideal for adding to existing plants facing more stringent discharge requirements.

Its aboveground design provides easy, safe access.  Requiring only simple hand tools, all components are within easy reach.  The stainless steel mesh disks are divided into eight lightweight sections, making them easy to remove for chemical cleaning or replacement.  With the durability of stainless steel and fewer disks to maintain, the Ultrascreen disk filter requires very little operator time, leaving your operator free for other demands. 

Built stainless steel tough, the mesh disks last up to 10 years, which is twice as long as cloth media disks.  Important components like shaft bearings and drive chains are outside the treatment basin, keeping them out of the process water and extending their life.  The Ultrascreen disk filter provides an easy to maintain, clean look that will last years longer than any comparable system. 

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