SenTix® 41 Low-Maintenance pH electrode with temperature sensor

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WTW SenTix 41 pH probe for freshwater.
pH electrodes with gel electrolyte and built-in temperature sensor are ideal for portable measurement but also for routine measurement in the lab.

Product Features

• Standard electrodes with gel electrolyte and built-in temperature sensor for pH measurement in lab and field. 
• Maintenance-free gel reference system over the entire product life 
• Automatic temperature compensation 
• Robust plastic shaft

The new optimized membrane glass guarantees quick measurement even at low temperatures.
The silver ion-free reference electrolyte prevents interference by precipitated silver (self-cleaning).
SenTix® PLUS electrodes with Gel electrolyte and a plastic body are robust and shockproof.
The membrane glass is optimally safe-guarded by a protective shield.
SenTix® H and HW electrodes: electrolyte flow speed can be adjusted for optimal use.
The easy to use fill-hole cover prevents electrolyte from leaking out during storage.
Waterproof DIN or BNC plugs, either as a plug head system or with fixed cables, are available.
SenTix® PLUS electrodes with liquid electrolyte – the capillary effect of the platinum wire guarantees constant outflow and prevents contamination by precipitates or dirt even during changes in temperature; with new membrane glass for an even quicker response.
Measures also the temperature.

Available Versions

SenTix®41: 1 m fixed cable with DIN plug and 4 mm banana plug SKU: 103635

SenTix®41-3: 3 m fixed cable with DIN plug and 4 mm banana plug SKU: 103636

SenTix®42: 1 m fixed cable with BNC plug and 4 mm banana plug 
The electrodes do not require any maintenance except occasional cleaning and are therefore especially economical SKU: 103637



SenTix® Low-Maintenance pH electrodes with temperature sensor
0 ...14 pH
0 … 80 °C
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools