Aanderaa Sensors In-line ZPulse DCS - Doppler Current Sensor

5800, 5810
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The Aanderaa In-line ZPulse DCS Doppler Current Sensor is a single point current sensor based on the Doppler Shift principle. 

Product Features
  • Rugged and reliable sensor with high accuracy
  • Built-in solid state 3-axis tilt compensated compass
  • Heading and tilt compensated for each ping
  • Low power consumption
  • Designed for easy integration into Aanderaa systems or third-party dataloggers

The In-line Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) is the first current sensor with the option to directly connect water quality sensors in a robust, integrated package (version 5810). The sensor replaces the successful DCS4100 in-line current sensor using newer technology with extending capabilities. It is designed for easy integration into systems with Aanderaa or third-party dataloggers. Based on a modified version of the ZPulse Doppler Current Sensor 4520, it connects through a combined mooring and signal cable.

For buoy application, when the buoy creates magnetic interferences with the internal sensor compass, it is possible to use an external compass solution.

Available Solutions

Interfaces Current Measurement Additional Sensors
AiCaP, connection to
Aanderaa Dataloggers
5800 5810; up to 6
additional Aanderaa
smart sensors
RS 232, system
integration, third-party
5800RR 5810E
RS 422, system
integration, third-party
5800R 5810E
  • 5800 / 5810: Up to 4 inline DCS connected in a string using AiCaP cable, maximum length of 300m.
  • 5810E: Customized wiring for combinations of Analog, AiCaP, RS232 and RS422 sensors.


  • Ocean / coastal observatories
  • Harbour monitoring systems
  • Data buoysSensor strings
  • Winch profiling systems


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