YSI Webinars and On-Demand Learning

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Lab with the YSI Biochemistry Analyzer

We will review YSI's footprint on scientific research and papers from Google Scholar that feature biochemistry analyzers and demonstrate why YSI's Gold Standard extends from our legacy 2300 & 2700 series to our modern 2500 & 2900 series biochemistry analyzers.

Get Your Lab Ready for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are one of the greatest threats to water quality globally. In this webinar, we will describe how to prepare your environmental testing laboratory for the three most relevant water quality analyses to understand the drivers and impacts of HABs.

Anti-Fouling with YSI EXO-Series Sondes

Two field specialists from YSI review fouling with Sondes in freshwater and marinewater environments, and how sondes have changed over time to keep sensors clean and maintain continuous monitoring.

How Algae Sensors Work

Dr. Stephanie A. Smith from Xylem USA covers algae and its different types, as well as the best methods to monitoring varieties of algae. Dr. Smith also reviews each YSI sensor designed to monitor algae through different approaches.

How Turbidity Sensors Work

Kerry Hubbard from Xylem USA defines turbidity and its causes to showcase the best means of monitoring both on the field and in the lab. We'll also showcase which YSI sensors and sondes are designed to work best with monitoring turbidity.

How pH and ORP Sensors Work

Ben Sutter from Xylem USA defines review the importance of pH and ORP sensors, what are their differences and important things to know using these sensors.

How Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Work

Anthony Rohrer from Xylem USA review Dissolved Oxygen, its sources, and how it is an important measurement for many different applications. We'll also go over YSI's own Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor and its makeup.

How Conductivity Sensors Work

Zack Henderson from Xylem review conductivity in water, measuring conductance, and how it can indicate water quality. We also review our conductivity sensors and how they work.

Precision HydroMeteorological Instrumentation

Kerry Hubbard from Xylem USA introduces hydrometeorology and what tools we use to measure changes over time. We also go over the importance and implications of hydrometeorology in flood prevention as well as irrigation management.

Gearing Up for Fieldwork

Get the most out of your equipment during field season: while every application and deployment is different, there are a few common tips you can use to be prepared when you take your EXO multiparameter sonde or ProDSS handheld water quality monitoring instrument into the field.

Training on ProSwap Logger & EXO Shorty Sondes

Presentation from the Dubai 2022 Environmental Monitoring Workshop

In this training video we review our EXO-S Sondes and ProSwap Loggers, product selection, calibrations and setup.