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  • Aanderaa celebrates 50 years


  • Upgrade your weighing system

    We currently offer you a discount when you trade in your Loadtronic 2 with our efficient Loadtronic 3 or 3E scales.

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  • Real-time Hyd/Met Systems for Ports and Harbours

    Meteorological and Oceanographic measurements with Real-time Communication

  • RCM Blue: The pressure is on!

    Simplify your work significantly: The RCM Blue has been upgraded to integrate a pressure sensor with a 0,01% accuracy.

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From SEAGUARD® to smart sensors, Current Pofiler to Automatic Weather station, Aanderaa designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments. We export more than 80% of our products and services around the world, and we are an international market leader in several of our product areas. We are dedicated to find reliable and long lasting solutions for our customers and are working hard for a safer environment by measuring the processes in our industries and in the nature around us. We invite you to explore our product offerings below.

Aanderaa Product Categories

Industries & Applications

The Aanderaa products are utilized in many different applications ranging from the deep depths of oceanography, to the highest peaks with our meteorology line. Our products are along the road characterizing traffic, on oil rigs ensuring safe working loads for cranes and on wheel loaders and excavators preforming dynamic measurements of load.



Aanderaa products have played important roles within the oceanographic community since 1966. The Aanderaa Current Meters were from the beginning known for their reliability and were early considered as "the standard" when it came to current measurements. Over the years the oceanographic product portfolios have undergone an evolution and the range of products have been broadened substantially. Today the oceanographic products are utilizing the newest technology comprising, among others, the most powerful microcontrollers and digital signal processors. Advanced software solutions and powerful processors are utilized in the data loggers, and XML– and modern Bus technology give safe and fast data transfer. Sensors are utilizing the most advanced multi-frequency acoustic technology as well as optical technology.

Ports & Harbours

Ports & Harbours

Systems designed to monitor the traffic conditions into ports and on sailing fairways. Real-time Hyd/Met Systems Systems as stand-alone system or integrated to existing systems - the choice is yours we have the solutions.

Wind and current conditions real time made available over internet, AIS or integrated in VTS solutions to Harbor pilots, Ship bridges, VTS operators, Harbour Authorities and other public and governmental departments. Storage of historical data. Need to look at data from a particular time window? Now you can have it all stored locally and just clicks away on your computer. 

Road & Traffic

Road & Traffic

Road & Traffic systems for vehicle counting and classifying, with option to provide road weather conditions.

Aanderaa produces advanced traffic counting and classifying systems and road weather stations for road and traffic authorities. Traffic classifying systems from Aanderaa can utilize inductive loops, piezo electric cables and Doppler radar for detection and classification of vehicles.

Engineering & Expertise



Aanderaa strive to set high standards and to implement high quality and reliable solutions in all our products and systems. In addition we want to continuously improve and simplify all of our business processes.

Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business. Aanderaa adheres to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards to meet the quality requirements of our customers. Aanderaa Data Instruments AS is qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for Suppliers to the OIl Insudtry in Norway and Denmark. Please see certificate here. For some of our products we are also ATEX-certified.

About Aanderaa

About Aanderaa

Aanderaa's roots were formed in the need to make reliable measurements in the earth's most harsh environments. Founded in the early 1960s by Ivar Aanderaa, the Aanderaa name quickly became synonymous for robust and reliable instrument solutions for oceanographic and other environmental measurements. Now as part of Xylem, Inc., the Aanderaa reputation for data quality, reliability, and excellent customer support continues to serve the global need to have better, smarter, and more robust sensor and systems solutions.


In the 1960's, Ivar Aanderaa, the company founder, was instrumental with several inventions needed to solve the technological challenges for deep sea exploration. The initial need was to design an instrument that could measure ocean currents of long periods of time at great depths. In the deep ocean, the challenges are numerous including pressure, corrosion, and other forces of nature. And at the end of the day, you had to provide power and a means of recording data.  Aanderaa, in collaboration with the Christian Michelsen Institute, developed the advancements needed including the first analog to digital converter that could fit in a pressure tube capable of withstanding deep ocean depths. This revolutionary invention ensured low power operation with reliable sensor technology and enabled Aanderaa's instrumentation to be deployed for several years while recording data continuously. These early inventions set the pace for what became a legendary reputation for durability and reliability in instrumentation.

The first long term current series

In 1968, four current meters were deployed in the Weddell Sea for what was planned to be a one year project to observe the largest source of Atlantic bottom water. Due to unfavorable ice conditions, the current meters couldn't be recovered until 5 years later - 4 years later than planned. Two of the four current meters were recovered and despite the 5 years in the sea, the tapes contained 12,000 hourly operations of quality data. This was at the time the longest time series ever obtained and word was spread among scientists around the world about the Aanderaa current meters. Providing reliable long term deployment data has been the vision for Aanderaa from the very beginning and up until today.

Today's Aanderaa

As part of the Analytics division of Xylem, Aanderaa has access to and actively collaborates with other companies within the family giving us global access to our customer base and systems integration capabilities in remote parts of the world.

With all the changes going forward, our reputation for integrated, reliable solutions still forms the backbone of our culture.  We are looking forward to what the future brings.

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