India Technology Center

India Technology Center (ITC) supports global engineering with technical teams focusing on strengthening innovation and technology to catalyze Xylem's business development, application expertise, and efficient business model for maintaining a high vitality index of products.

We sustain an ecosystem with a world-class center of excellence for complete water management, including sustainable solutions for each Xylem brand's technical and commercial concerns across the globe.

The India Technology Center (ITC) dwells on two campuses in Vadodara and Bengaluru, with 500 plus engineers supporting mechanical and digital solutions to all xylem businesses. We focused on an integrated portfolio of New Product Development and Digital solutions, Engineering Sustenance, Value Engineering and Value Analysis, Order Engineering, and Commercial Support for the Emerging Market.

Our Mechanical engineering team has expertise in and supports CAD designs, Engineering Analysis and Simulations, Product Design Engineering, Product Sustain Engineering, Customer Product Solutions, and Process Engineering.

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Our Digital Solutions offer the broadest range of capabilities, including Embedded Designs, Electrical Designs, Control System Engineering, Software Product Development, the Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and cutting-edge technological trends that shape distinctive competency portfolio of shared expertise.

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Our innovation centers are working exceptionally in developing products and software solutions on advanced infrastructure analytics for public utility, commercial, domestic, agricultural lands, and sustainable water management.

ITC seamlessly supports a broad spectrum of services globally in different categories: 

Global Engineering Services

ITC Global Engineering extends the global team, supporting Product Development and other engineering requirements. The domain competence in mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software integrated digital platforms is extensively utilized across Xylem for various product verticals.  

New Product Development and Value Engineering

ITC supports the ideation, design, production, and launching of new products to global customers. At the same time, we re-examine these new and existing products by conducting extensive value analysis focusing on maximizing customer value, bringing innovation, improving product performance & quality, and expanding the business at a competitive cost.

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The Regional Innovation Hub

ITC's Innovation Hub creates 360° value for our regional clients. It defines, delivers, and multiplies the value of a product design to outperform speed and agility. We combine advanced analytics and automation to predict patterns and estimate future developments to transform powerful ideas into possibilities.

Emerging Market - Commercial Engineering and Localization

ITC works extensively to localize the products for the Middle East and Turkey, Oceania, and Southeast Asia regions. We identify the customers' regional needs early in the product development phase and reimagine the product with optimum cost and high quality.