ACT Fundraises for Midwest Flooding Response with Red Cross

red-cross-fundraiser.jpgThis spring, the Midwest is experiencing extensive flooding that is expected to last through May. Xylem colleagues and business partners have not been directly affected to date, but our teams are working 24/7 in many cases to support efforts to control and or dewater the impacted areas. We currently have nearly 300 Xylem dewatering pumps deployed in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Tennessee. These are being supported by our direct operations in Carterville, Chicago and Evansville, Illinois; Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; with pumps being brought in from all across the U.S. Knowing that there was more they could do to help the affected, the ACT team started a fundraiser to support the Red Cross’ work to assist areas affected by the flooding, including medical services, cleanup kits, shelters and other emergency supplies. To date, they’ve raised over $3,400 with Xylem matching support.