The Right Rental Pump ... Right Away

The Right Rental Pump ... Right Away

You may already know that when you partner with Xylem, you get access to the world's largest pump rental fleet. But did you know that you also get access to our skilled engineers, product experts and service technicians? Our experienced team can handle more than just the technical specs of your job. We use our extensive application experience to make sure that we are optimizing lifecycle costs and operating efficiency to provide you with the best solution to meet your specific needs.

We were able to use our expertise to help one of our customers in Raleigh, North Carolina find the right solution to keep their job on time and on budget. Right after setting up a temporary sewer bypass system for a wastewater treatment plant Park Construction learned that its local pump rental provider was shutting its doors for good. Just like that, the construction company was short two pumps and facing the possibility of a costly project slowdown.

Exasperated and expecting the worst, Ken Malonson, Vice President at Park Construction, picked up the phone and called our Xylem service center in downtown Raleigh. By the time he hung up, he was happy with the recommendation provided by Xylem Rental Solutions. That's the power of finding the right pump – and partner – for the job.

On that initial call, Xylem engineers made it clear they understood the urgency of the project. They immediately assessed the bypass system and recommended the ideal solution: a single Godwin Dri-Prime NC350 rental pump.

We had a 16-inch pump available for rent right away, and the next day it became the primary pump for the bypass project. "Xylem was right there for us," Malonson told us. "You took over the job and replaced the pumps – and we never missed a beat."

From day one, Park Construction was pleased by the pump's performance. According to Malonson, the single Dri-Prime NC350 outperformed the two pumps initially rented for the bypass. As a bonus, the Xylem solution saved his team time, manpower and money.

The NC350 that Park Construction rented from Xylem came with Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST), which provided remote monitoring and control of the pump from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone – and from any location with an internet connection. Working in conjunction with FST, a level transducer enabled control of pump engine speed, including stopping and starting.

So, instead of paying someone to stand over the pump system, Park Construction personnel were able to set parameters and alarms for minor issues. This helped them address any potential problems before they caused a major shutdown, optimizing manpower throughout the project.

For one solid month – from the day Ken Malonson picked up the phone to the day the repairs were done on the permanent outfall line – our NC350 ran nearly 24/7 at the project site without any problems. The bypass operation was a success and Park Construction now has us on speed dial.

No matter how easy or complex your job is, Xylem Rental Solutions can help you find the right rental pump and accessories for your application needs.

Download our Park Construction case study to get the full details.

by Michael J. Delzingaro