Our Expertise Comes in the Form of Many Names

Our Expertise Comes in the Form of Many Names

I love that Apple calls its store staff and service technicians "geniuses."  Sure, it might be a little over the top, but it isn't that far off the mark. Anybody with an Apple product quickly discovers that these geniuses know their stuff inside and out, and will stay with you until you have the answer or resolution you desire.

Whether you're buying a computer or renting a dewatering pump, you want your contact to be a highly trained expert who goes beyond the instruction manual to help you save money and time. Apple calls them geniuses. Here at Xylem, our experts go by more ordinary names – sales reps, engineers and mechanics – and all of them are technical and business partners who put their knowledge and skills to work for you.

Our sales reps will physically walk with you through your job site to determine the solution that suits you best. Diesel, electric or hydraulic drives? Remote pump monitoring services? HDPE Pipe Fusion? They're not interested in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all plans that will "probably" work for you. With dirt on their shoes and deep knowledge of the Xylem product portfolio, they deliver customized pumping solutions that make the difference.

Our regional engineers also provide in-field support and extensive application expertise to ensure that you get the right solution to meet your specific needs.  And our trained pump and certified diesel engine mechanics don't have "I'm not sure" in their vocabulary.

Consider the case of the crumbling sewage line in Greenwich, Connecticut. A 54-inch diameter concrete sanitary sewer line – which carried nearly all of the town's wastewater flow – was being attacked by hydrogen sulfide. When the town discovered the deterioration, it determined that the critical infrastructure had to be rehabilitated as soon as possible.

We got the call to provide a pumping solution for a temporary bypass system that would divert more than 40 million gallons of wastewater each day from all around the town to the wastewater treatment plant. Working with the town's consulting engineer  , our sales reps proposed a solution that included five different types of Godwin rental pumps – 20 in all – that could take on the various bypass tasks, handle multiple flow levels and provide a "belt-and-suspenders" backup system (that was never needed, but offered peace of mind).

For the entire eight-week duration of the pumping project, two of our factory-trained service mechanics were on site 24/7 – their service vehicles fully stocked with parts to make any necessary repairs or adjustments on the spot. By partnering with the customer at every step and on-site – something that comes naturally to us– the Xylem team helped make sure the project went off without a hitch.

This success – and all the many others we deliver to customers – comes from project expertise, product knowledge and our muddy-boots-on-the-ground presence. We don't think of it as genius, but as common sense and customer focus. But then again, Thomas Edison once said "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration."  So I guess it doesn't matter what we call ourselves, as long as we know what it takes to get your job done the right way every time.

by Jackie Helfrich