Now is the Time to Prepare for El Niño

Now is the Time to Prepare for El Niño

With each passing day, there are more urgent warnings about a huge El Niño event coming our way this winter season. While climate scientists can be – and have been – wrong with their predictions, properly preparing for this year's El Niño could save you valuable time and money.  

All the elements are in place for a powerful El Niño that one climate researcher recently called "too big to fail" and many others believe will be the biggest in almost 20 years. Trade winds over the Pacific Ocean are changing direction, leading to unusually warm surface water temperatures and drastic weather changes.

For the U.S., this means that from Mid-December through early Spring, El Niño will very likely drop historic, drenching rains – in extremely short bursts – on the West Coast and play havoc with weather patterns across the rest of the country.

Just a few inches of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars in damage, so El Niño levels of unwanted water can be disastrous to your business. There's still time to prepare, and pump rentals should be part of any El Niño contingency plan.

At Xylem, we offer everything from high-volume pumps that move water a long way from the danger zone to smaller portable pumps to help anywhere you need it. Our rental fleet incudes Godwin dewatering pumps that run on diesel fuel and help you manage floodwaters when El Niño knocks the power out.

El Niño is a perfect example of why we offer rental pumps. This climate phenomenon doesn't happen on a set schedule – the next one could hit two years or seven years from now, and it could last anywhere from one to three months. By renting Xylem pumps, you gain greater cost control. With our affordable rental programs, you have access to the equipment you need during the disaster but don't have to worry about it being a drain on your inventory costs when the skies are clear and the floodwaters are gone.

With Xylem as your partner, you can rent best-in-class pumping equipment without capital expenditures – and you gain access to our skilled engineers, product experts and service technicians who will keep your operations running.

While the West Coast will feel the full brunt of El Niño, climate researchers say it could also lead to an increase in severe storms across all of America. No matter where you are located, there are local Xylem representatives and support teams nearby. Feel free to call on us for a free Contingency Planning meeting or to learn more about the rental products that are right for you.

by Jackie Helfrich