Xylem introduces Concertor, a fully integrated system that offers a unique synergy between software functions and state-of-the-art hardware. Concertor’s system design works in harmony to reduce your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest quality and reliability. This new wastewater pumping system senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance in real time to provide feedback to station operators. With high operational flexibility, Concertor takes wastewater pumping to a whole new level.

Feature Overview

Efficient Assett Management 

Inventory can be reduced up to 80% due to Concertor's performance field. 

Selecting the right product for your pump station just got a lot easier. Xylem's Flygt Concertor offers a performance field covering a wide range of pump curves. No need to worry about having perfect station design data. No need for large stocks of inventory. One pump self-adjusts or can be adjusted to fit changing conditions - without changing impeller diameters or motor size. 

  • Easier product selection
  • Adjustable performance curve
  • Fine tune remotely or on site
  • Reduced backup inventory 
  • Easier spare part handling
  • Reduced delivery lead times

Trouble Free Pumping 

Clog free operation and reduced vacuum cleaning call-outs by up to 80%

Cleaning out sludge, sand, grease, and other debris from a sump tank can be an unpleasant and costly task. While standard pumps are designed to combat many of these issues, Concertor takes trouble-free pumping to an entirely new level. 

  • Built in sump and pipe cleaning
  • Integrated pump cleaning function
  • Self-cleaning hydraulics
  • Self-monitoring functionality 
  • Self-tuning to preserve key components
  • Electronics placed in stable submerged environment

Energy Savings

Up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional wastewater pumps and controls. 

Energy consumption adds up. In fact, studies show that energy accounts for 34% of the total life cycle cost of a typical wastewater pumping system. Concertor is a true energy-saver with the potential to cut your municipal electric bill by up to 70% compared to a conventional wastewater pumping system. 

Equipped with a combination of application proven software and next-generation hardware, Concertor reduces energy in many ways. For example, our patented Energy Minimizer function automatically ensures that all pumps in your stations are running at their most efficient duty points at all times. 


  • Automatic self-optimizing Energy Minimizer
  • State of the art technologies
  • Motor in compliance with IE4 efficiency standard
  • Adaptive N-hydraulics with sustained efficiency 
  • Climate control savings

Reduced Total Investment

Up to 50% smaller cabinets compared to direct online cabinets. 

Concertor solves all this by integrating everything into one single, pre-engineered and configured system. The compact design frees up space in both existing and new cabinets, allowing for a full monitoring functionality without a traditional larger cabinet. 

  • No climate control equipment
  • Pre-engineered as a total solution
  • Factory configured and tested
  • Smaller and simplified cabinet design 
  • Simple installation wizard
  • Built in supervision and monitoring functions
  • Overview
  • Performance Range
  • Technical Information
  • Installations

Concertor® N

The basic choice if you want the most reliable, flexible and energy efficient pump for an on/off operated pump station. Functions such as constant power, clog detection, pump cleaning, soft start and motor/grid protection increases the pump system reliability and lowers operating costs. Concertor N is easily upgradable to EA, DP or XPC.

  • Push a button to change pump performance
  • Clog detection and pump cleaning
  • Constant power
  • Motor efficiency in compliance with IE4
  • Always correct impeller rotation
  • Built in motor protection
  • Soft start

Performance Range

The Concertor system offers infinite performance selections from within a field. The system is frequently independent and covers 50-60 Hz at 380-480V.

Technical Information

Impeller Material 1
Grey Iron
Impeller Material 2
Impeller Material 3
Stainless Steel
Discharge Outlet Diameter
80mm, 100mm, 150mm
50/60 Hz
Motor Efficiency Class
Rated Power
2-7.3 kW
Rated Current @400V
Motor Speed (RPM)

N Installations Overview

See how Concertor can be installed.

Pump Installations

(P) Submersible Pump in Wet Pit

Semi permanent, submersible pump installation. Wet pit arrangement with the pump installed on twin guide bars with automatic connection to the discharge pipe.​

(T) Dry Installation Vertical

​​Vertical, permanent, dry pump installation. The submersible pump is installed in a dry pit, with flange connection to suction and discharge piping.​

(S) Portable Submersible Pump in Wet Pit

Portable, submersible pump installation. Portable pump with hose coupling or flange for connection to the discharge pipe.​

(Z) Dry Installation Horizontal

​​Horizontal, permanent, dry pump installation. The submersible pump is installed in a dry pit, with flange connection to suction and discharge piping. ​