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Flygt PP 4200 Adaptive Ultra-low Head Propeller Pump Series

Overview Specifications Technology


Product Features
  • High-efficiency permanent magnet IE4 equivalent motor 
  • Integrated power electronics  based on the Flygt Dirigo technology eliminating the need for external Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Propeller with optimized and fixed blade angle 
  • Variable pumping capabilities with speed up to 792 rpm
  • Scalable pumping control system with flexibility to match different process scenarios
  • Tank-side or remote control by adding FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses
  • Easy to upgrade to flexible control (ADF-system). The pump is always the same independent of control system. 
  • Easy to install with same discharge connection as Flygt PP 4630-4640 or PP 4650-4660. 
  • Consistenly correct propeller rotation
  • Soft start and stop
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Power factor close to 1
  • Full status and alarms information for flexible control (ADF-system)
  • Jog wheel operator panel FOP 315, or touch screen operator panel FOP 402 (option for ADF-system)

Xylem’s Flygt PP 4200 adaptive ultra-low-head propeller pumps series bring a new level of pumping performance. Thanks to the integrated power electronics and remote operation capabilities of the Flygt Dirigo technology, you can easily adjust and control pump performance. Flygt PP4200 series offers highly efficient and reliable pumping in processes with ultra-low head and high flow, e.g. in recirculation pumping for activated sludge processes, in aqua culture processes , in amusement park applications but also in many other applications with similar duty.


With its high efficiency IE4 equivalent motor, integrated power electronics and optimized propeller design, the Flygt PP 4200 pumps series minimizes energy costs at a wide range of duty points. Thanks to its adaptability, even larger savings can be realized by changing the pump curve to match varying conditions.


Customers will experience full and immediate flexibility with Flygt PP 4200 series. With manual tank side control or SCADA-integrated management, you can be sure that the pump can adapt to handle unexpected and planned changes with maintained efficiency. The Flygt operator panel (FOP) puts you in complete control of your pump’s output so you can react quickly and efficiently.

Different control systems are available to match different process scenarios:

  • AD - Standard control system 
    • Pre-set control with fixed speed that incorporates many built-in valuables features providing high energy savings, key autonomous protection and scalability for easy upgrade to flexible control (ADF-system) at a later stage. 
  • ADF - Flexible control system
    • Gear up your Flygt PP 4200 pump series for tank-side and remote operations by adding the FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses.  The fully integrated monitoring functions provide ease of connectivity and connections to the operator panel assuring optimal pumping operation


Integrated and pre-engineered variable speed pumping capabilities make system design, installation, commissioning and operation quick and easy. There is no need to install an external variable speed drive (VFD)  to operate the pump.


Built-in motor control including automatic overload protection, together with a full set of operational statistics such as speed, power, alarms and running time, secure reliable pumping operation. Using any pump from the PP 4200 series virtually eliminates the risk of installation mistakes, e.g. with automatic control of rotation direction and a set-up wizard for a quick and simple start of the pre-engineered drive and motor system. It is configurable to the actual requirements and thereby offers low risk for over dimensioning.



Motor Data
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230
Speed, max
792 rpm
Double guide bar Diameter: 50.8 mm (2 in.)
Synchronous permanent magnet motor
2.2-7.3 kW (3.0-10.0 hp)
IE4 level according to IEC/TS 60034-30-2 Ed. 1
516 rpm
50-60 Hz
580 mm (22.8 in)
380-480 V
830 l/s (13200 US gpm)
Insulation Class
H (180°C, 356°F)
1.7 m (5.6 feet)
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230
Stator Housing
Cast iron, ASTM 35B
Wetted Metal Parts
Stainless steel, ASTM 316L
Connection Housing
Stainless steel, ASTM 316L
Lifting Handle and Guide Bar Bracket
Stainless steel, ASTM 316L
Hub and Propeller Blades
Stainless steel, ASTM 316L
Propeller Shaft
Stainless steel, ASTM/AISI 431
Flourinated rubber
Paraffin oil ISO VG32
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230
Screened Flygt SUBCAB® with integrated control leads
10 or 20 m (30 or 65 ft)
Application Data
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230
Liquid Temperature, Max
40°C (104°F)
Liquid Density, Max
1,100 kg/m3 (9.2 lb per US gal)
pH-range of Mixed Liquid
Depth of immersion, Max
20 m (65 ft)
Weight and Dimensions
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230
Weight, Max
105 kg (232 lb)
Length, excl. Bracket
585 mm (23 in.)
Propeller Diameter
370 mm (14.5 in.)
Double Guide Bar Installation, Diameter
50.8 (2 in.)
Flygt PP 4220
Flygt PP 4230


Scalable Pump System

Whether you choose a standard or adjustable pump of the Flygt PP 4200 series you can be assured of its unparalleled performance to meet your shifting process demands.

Flygt 4200 Scalable Compact Adaptive Mixer-small-picture-3.png

AD - Standard Control

Standard system with pre-set control incorporates many built- in valuable features providing energy savings, key autonomous protection features, and scalability for ADF functionality at a later stage.

FLYGT 4200 Compact Adaptive Mixer Series-small-image-1.png

ADF - Flexible Control

Gear up your Flygt PP 4220
or PP 4230 for tankside and remote operation by adding the FPG 415 gateway with analog I/O and fieldbuses. Ease of connectivity and connections
to the operator panel allow fully integrated monitoring functions, so you can be assured of optimal pump operation wherever you may be.


Gateway and Operator Panels

Gateway – FPG 415

The FPG 415 gateway enables monitoring and control of pump’s performance and status, including speed, power, alarms, running time and energy consumption, via operator panel or remote communications.

Jog Wheel Operator Panel – FOP 315

The FOP 315 jog wheel operator panel is a traditional push-button interface for operator’s inspection and pump control.

Touch Screen Operator Panel – FOP 402

The FOP 402 touch screen operator panel is a full text and graphics interface for quick and easy operator’s management.