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MIPEG Aanderaa Slew Operation Limit Monitor

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Product Features

Mipeg Operation Limit Monitor - OLM
Sector limitation in 2D: The system monitors and will warn the operator if the crane approaches the slew limits, Clockwise (CW) limit or the Counter Clockwise (CCW) limit.

Sector limitation in 3D: If a boom angle sensor is incorporated into the system or if the OLM is an integrated part of the

Mipeg 2000 system, the unit may be set up as a 3D monitoring system. This will act as the sector limitation featured above but additionally two boom angle limits may be programmed. The crane can then pass the above defined sector if the boom angle is above or below pre-programmed angle limits.

Maximum slew position protection
Some cranes have no electrical slip ring and use cables to the motors and other parts of the crane. In these cases it is critical to keep track of the slew position. If not the cabling running up to the crane can be damaged due to twisting with consequential damage to the crane, crane system and personnel. The OLM system will memorize the slew position and warn the operator if the maximum travel limit or revolutions are reached.

The above feature may be programmed to act as an anti-collision system. If two cranes (or more) work within the same deck area, the system will limit the operation to avoid more than one crane operating in the "over-lapping" area at any one time. This feature requires a signal between the cranes.

Operator's Display
The display comprises 4 lines of 20 characters, 10 mm in height. The display is back lit for night time operation and has 4 hermetically sealed push buttons. The push buttons are used for selecting features and calibration purposes.

Speed, Direction and Slew Position Sensor
An absolute rotational shaft encoder is used to measure both speed and direction or the slew angle position of the crane. The sensor is not affected by power loss. Operating temperature is from -20 to + 60 degrees C. The sensor is sealed to IP 66. Other sensors are also available.

Computer Cabinet
The microcomputer with all required interface circuits is mounted in an enclosure sealed to IP65 Operating temperature range for the unit is -10 to + 60 degrees C.

Boom Angle Sensor (optional)
The boom angle sensor is a gravity based sensor measuring the boom inclination. The sensor is sealed to IP66 and the operating temperatures is between -40 to + 65 degrees C

MIPEG Slew Operation Limit Monitor warns the operator if entering into limit sectors, keeps track of maximum slew positions and can provide anti-collision warning signals.

  • Warns the operator if entering into limited sectors
  • Keeps track of maximum slew positions
  • Can provide anti-collision warning signals

Display and Main Unit are available certified to comply with Atex for use in zone 2, sensors to zone 1. The digital display is backlit to increase the contrast and for use in darkness. Audible and visual alarms can be generated and an inbuilt self diagnostic fault finding system is incorporated.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools