Sustainable water strategies to take industry to the next level

Sustainable water strategies to take industry to the next level

Sector: Industry and infrastructure

Challenge: Sustainability

Rising total water costs, water scarcity and soaring energy prices are adding to the pressure on industry to take significant steps towards sustainability.

Industry currently accounts for some 40% of total water abstractions in Europe, with data centers joining mining, power plants and food and drink manufacturers as thirsty consumers of energy and water – meaning significant scope for substantial savings to be found with Xylem’s smart solutions.

The clear business case for optimising processes to operate more energy-efficiently and reusing water wherever possible to conserve resources forms the foundation of our work helping our partners to achieve their goals on the journey to net zero carbon, and also to protect the bottom line.

Our digital solutions offer significant water, energy and cost savings by curbing inefficient operation and adjusting performance where needed to suit conditions. The power of decision intelligence can help industry drive forward to a future where water is properly accessed and reused with minimal resources expended. Central to this is an energy and water usage audit to inform relevant targets and spotlight opportunities for improvements to energy-intensive processes like pumping or aeration.

Restraining water use

Advanced oxidation process (AOP) systems can allow industries to efficiently reuse water from the production process and help solve the complex problem of industrial wastewater management. The process combines UV and a form of ozone treatment to treat stubborn pollutants, like residual pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants which do not readily break down in biological processes, to produce toxin-free water.

Energy-efficient processing tools

The water-cooling process can be a voracious consumer of energy, offering plenty of prospects to lower energy use with optimised systems that bring significant savings.

Our intelligent controllers from the Lowara range which match performance to demand can resolve the traditional problem of oversized pump systems that use far more energy than needed. These smart pumps can communicate with other systems in real time to maximise efficiency and are designed to operate as a plug-and-play complete integrated solution ready to meet tomorrow’s energy and operating efficiency objectives.

Smarter wastewater treatment

Xylem has a wealth of options to slash electricity-related emissions in wastewater management, including the unique Concertor which can contribute to an 80% inventory reduction as well as cutting energy use by up to 70%, thanks to its automatic self-optimizing energy minimiser.

Our latest aeration systems, which have traditionally been responsible for up to 70% of the total energy costs in wastewater, offer further opportunity to save energy by at least a third along with efficient bubble aeration systems. In addition, our Flygt brand high-efficiency adjustable-speed mixers have the ability to match and adjust output to the real demand, saving up to 47% of energy.

Looking ahead together

Pursuing water sustainability offers new opportunities to address the growing challenge of freshwater shortages as well as increasingly strict regulations on wastewater being discharged into waterways. We can help prioritise upgrades to save energy, limit water wastage, eliminate leakage and enhance reliability – with the added upside of less downtime bringing greater peace of mind.

Working with Xylem now to make the changes needed can create real value for industry in the future, by building a resilient business that is fit for the future.

by Guy Fitzpatrick MIET, Sales Director - Industry, Infrastructure & Rental, Xylem Water Solutions