Bypass and Backup Pumping

Lift Station Backup Pumping

Lift stations are an essential component of many municipal or industrial wastewater collection systems. In fact, most collection systems are not sustainable without lift stations.

To ensure uninterrupted flow of wastewater, many lift stations are equipped with Dri-Prime Backup Systems (DBS) as contingency plans for pump stations. The DBS provides independently-powered backup pumping for a variety of emergency situations, making it ideal for regions prone to hurricanes, heavy rains or intense snowmelt.

Turn to back-up systems from Xylem

Sewage lift and waste transfer are tough conditions. That’s why a back-up lift station pump offers confidence that operations will continue…in even the toughest conditions.

When designing a lift station or a back-up system, the Xylem team looks at flow rate, total dynamic head (TDH), materials of construction, and maintenance plans. Then our team of experts matches a pump and system to your environment.

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With resources tight and cost-cutting measures in place across the board, companies are looking for smart ways to prevent expensive repairs and emergency call-outs. By controlling maintenance costs, you can ensure maximum equipment uptime.
The age and condition of equipment has a major impact on plant efficiency, reliability and productivity. A condition audit will give a first indication regarding the potential to save energy by optimizing a system.

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