DREDGEPACK® Supports Telestra Technologies MCAS

DREDGEPACK® Supports Telestra Technologies MCAS

HYPACK is excited to announce that DREDGEPACK® now supports the Telestra Technologies MCAS for excavators and hydraulic cutter dredges. The MCAS (Marine Construction Angle Sensor) is a highly ruggedized solid-state angle sensor with high impact rating designed for wet or submerged installations on hydraulic cutter ladders or on an excavator boom, stick, and bucket. This system features fully integrated pitch and roll corrections on the topside.

MCAS measures two axes: Elevation and Roll. MCAS measurements range from 0 to 180 and 0 to 360 degrees on each axis, respectively. The output rate is 5-250 Hz and can handle acceleration and vibration of up to 1 gRMS at a frequency of 5-500Hz. Angle measurements are taken through proprietary algorithms that offers a smooth moving display in HYPACK® software.

The benefits of this system go beyond what gravity-based sensors offer for the operator's excavation experience. MCAS is a much more accurate and reliable measurement system to compute the elevation at the bucket teeth or cutter head.

HYPACK Standard Inclinometer, Excavator, and Telestra Pitch and Roll drivers are integrated within HYPACK® and can be loaded in the HYPACK® Hardware program. Users then configure hardware settings, which allows HYPACK® drivers to accurately determine important parameters including position and depth based on hardware input and excavator geometry. The system connects to the PC with a CAN-type USB interface, which alleviates the need to load serial port drivers.

This update will be available to any user with an active maintenance plan. Watch for our announcement email and social media posts to download this update!

To learn more and visit Telestra’s website, CLICK HERE!