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Industries & Applications


The world's natural fisheries have been depleted. As a result, moratoriums on commercial fishing have been implemented in many parts of the world as populations continue to grow. Aquaculture is a rapidly growing form of food production that has successfully yielded a substantial amount of fish and shellfish to help feed the world's growing population and growing appetite for seafood. However, this method of food production is faced with many challenges, some of which include increasing costs, more stringent government regulations, and limited water supplies. These challenges have created a need for more advanced monitoring and feeding technology in order to create tightly controlled and sustainable growth conditions.


YSI Analyzers are used in biofuels, biotech and bioprocessing applications around the world and are often referred to as the "work horses" of the lab. Lab managers like that YSI analyzers are reliable, provide fast, accurate results, and require minimal operator training. YSI analyzers measure important nutrients like glucose, glutamine, and methanol; and can monitor the level of potentially harmful byproducts like lactate and ammonium. Biopharma uses YSI rapid electrode-based measurements to both monitor and control processes.YSI analyzers measure xylose and glucose to monitor fermentation progress in cellulosic ethanol research and measure residual ethanol during distillation in production facilities.

General & Environmental Lab

All sampling applications require the collection of high-quality data, but the demand for accurate data is perhaps greatest in the laboratory setting. Confidence in laboratory results is paramount, as this data is used for EPA reporting of parameters such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of wastewater. Lab-obtained data is also commonly used in wastewater process control and verification in addition to drinking water analysis, publication, clinical research, and many other applications.