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City of South Bend saves $400 million in CapEx spending by reducing combined sewer overflow by 80%

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Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua: Optimizing decision making. Streamlining management of operations. Simplifying digital transformation. ​

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3 simple steps to supercharge your digital twin for next-level performance and cost-savings

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Let’s see how our unmatched expertise can be an asset for your utility

Our utility clients have told us, more and more they know what they want to achieve, but often lack a trusted partner who can help them develop and implement a comprehensive vision for digital transformation. Operational decision-making and problem-solving is at the heart of what we do, and we are uniquely qualified to guide utilities on their digital journey. With a team comprised of former utility leaders, decision science professionals and engineers representing the industry's largest group of hydroinformatics experts, we leverage your data, develop thousands of potential scenarios at scale, and deliver critical insights and extraordinary outcomes.


    “Combining smart technologies with real-time data analytics, hydroinformatics engineers work with clients to develop the next generation of sustainable, efficient, and autonomous water systems.”

    Bryant E. McDonnell
    Senior Manager of Hydroinformatics
    and Process Control for Xylem

Let’s see water from a new perspective

The journey to becoming a utility of the future starts with a true partnership. Together with you, leveraging your data and experience, we help unlock your system’s full capabilities. We unite technology, expertise and global water leadership in a single partnership. When you work with Xylem, you will be partnering with experts, all of whom live and breathe water as you do.

  • Hydroformatics
  • Utility Leadership
  • Data Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Control Systems
  • Software Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Connectivity and Communications
  • Water and Wastewater Process Design

The nexus of engineering, data and decision science, and water expertise

Hydroinformatics experts are integral to our digital solutions and we have invested in this expertise. Hydroinformatics is a relatively new area of decision science. These experts unite traditional civil engineering, hydrology and other disciplines with decision science. Xylem has the largest team of hydroinformatics experts. They are behind what allows us to leverage your existing data, develop thousands of potential scenarios at scale, and deliver the best insights and outcomes for you.


Water expertise going back over 100 years – to support you with every challenge

Xylem is the world leader in water technology. We know and are deeply dedicated to water. We work with thousands of customers all over the world with complex water challenges similar to yours. Our company is managed by water experts, many who have spent their lives in the industry, are recognized by their peers and led municipal water agencies. Our global presence ensures that we can support optimizing your networks large and small - wherever they are - to ensure you maximize the efficiency and continuity of the water in your community.