Global Citizenship

The centerpiece of our global citizenship efforts is Xylem Watermark, our signature citizenship and social investment program. Designed and developed to provide and protect safe water resources in communities around the world, it's an outstanding example of a corporate program making a social difference.
Through Xylem Watermark, and in association with several key nonprofit partners, we bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools and communities in developing countries. The program also provides relief – in the form of funding and equipment donations – in the aftermath of disasters where clean and safe water is an issue. And we fund disaster risk reduction projects that secure water resources in vulnerable communities before disaster strikes. Since 2008 – through strategic partnerships, employee engagement and innovative water solutions – Xylem Watermark has reached more than two million people around the world.
Xylem employees can participate in Xylem Watermark in several ways. They can make financial contributions to the Xylem Watermark Fund in support of our nonprofit partners, and these funds are matched by Xylem (up to $5,000 per employee per year). Employees can serve as Champions to promote the program in their locations and they can participate in global volunteer trips held each year to analyze local water systems, collect data, monitor water supplies, and, most importantly, interact with our beneficiaries and our partners on the ground in the localities where we are operating.
At the local level, Xylem employees also support their communities in countless other ways. We are a vital presence in hundreds of towns and cities around the world, and the Xylem people who live and work there know best how to help their hometowns and neighbors. As a company we are committed to solving water, and our social investments are a critical way we do that, all around the world.