With Hurricane Season Coming, the Name of the Game is Preparation and Partnership

With Hurricane Season Coming, the Name of the Game is Preparation and Partnership

There's a good reason for giving hurricanes easily remembered names like Floyd and Katrina – it greatly reduces confusion when two or more tropical storms occur at the same time. But I sometimes think that these names lessen the fear we should feel about the possible destruction heading our way.

For this year's hurricane season, which runs from June through November, the World Meteorological Organization has 21 names ready – ranging alphabetically from Alex to Walter. Any one of these storms, even if it sounds like your pleasant next-door neighbor, is capable of destruction; leaving you and your business flooded, in the dark and in financial distress.

For National Hurricane Week, I want to provide a different list of names: Xylem solutions that can help you from being blindsided by meek-sounding storms that turn out to be monsters.

Godwin. Xylem maintains a fleet of more than 5,000 Godwin rental pumps for dewatering jobs. Offering both diesel and electric powered pumps, they are perfect for large-scale emergency and on-the-move projects. The Dri-Prime pumps offer automatic self-priming so they are always ready to go.

Flygt. In addition to our above-ground Godwin pumps, we rent Flygt brand electric submersible pumps for jobs where the pumps need to operate underwater. Flygt is the world's original submersible dewatering pump, and our Flygt dewatering fleet exceeds 1,500 pumps. Combined with Godwin, this gives us the world's largest inventory of rental pumps and related equipment – from hoses to HDPE piping – designed to fit with our Godwin and Flygt pumps. Our Godwin generators are available for rent with these pumps in time of emergencies.

Location, Location, Location. We have 44 rental locations across the United States and we also have access to equipment at distributor sites spread out across the country. This allows us to be close by 24/7 to deploy all necessary equipment for rental without delay, which is vitally important when hurricanes hit and every minute matters.

Contingency Plan. Our Rental Experts will work with you to create an emergency response plan that can be mobilized quickly. They will assess your site needs ahead of disaster striking and develop a pumping equipment list and response plan that is ready to go 24/7 with one phone call.

Disaster Relief Task Force. We have a Disaster Relief Task Force that is always ready for immediate deployment throughout North America. If a powerful hurricane is about to hit, we move this group of pump experts to areas in need, so they can provide application engineering and pipe fusion services, operate machinery, and install emergency floodwater or bypass pumping systems. This team also service pumps on site to maintain 24/7 operations during critical dewatering applications.

Xylem. We are the world's leading water technology company. While our trusted Godwin and Flygt pumps make up the bulk of our rental business, we can also offer access to Goulds sump pumps, battery-powered Rule Evacuator pumps and many analytical instruments to monitor water level and water quality changes that can help you avoid or minimize hurricane damage.

This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week, which means hurricane season is right around the corner.  There's no telling how bad it's going to be, but the name of the game is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. FEMA has some more great tips that will help make sure you are prepared for whatever weather comes your way.


by Michael J. Delzingaro