Recommended Service Intervals and Preventative Maintenance

Recommended Service Intervals and Preventative Maintenance

When you own and operate rotating equipment, it is important to create a routine service schedule to keep your equipment running smoothly. Properly servicing and maintaining your equipment regularly can prevent expensive repairs and emergency calls.

For Godwin Dri-Prime pumps, we recommend servicing the equipment at 250 hour intervals. You can do this preventative maintenance yourself, or one of our certified Service Technicians can service your equipment at your convenience. 

Xylem's Preventative Maintenance Agreement is a multi-point inspection service plan that includes replacement of motor and seal oil, coolant, and filters. During the service, the pump and drive are inspected for damage and wear, emergency shut downs and safety parts are tested, and the bearing bracket is lubricated. We also clean the venturi and volute of the pump, check the impeller clearances and test the suction/discharge pressure of the pump.

Routine service and maintenance can add years to the lifespan of the pump and minimize the risk of breakdown. We can tailor a Preventative Maintenance Agreement for single services or for multiple visits/services per year to best fit your needs.  Learn more about how our Preventive Maintenance Agreements can ensure your equipment reaches peak performance, while helping you manage maintenance costs. 

by Christopher L. Salstrom