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Case Studies & White Papers

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Altamonte Springs Florida 2016

City of Altamonte Springs
Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
According to recent studies conducted by the Central Florida Water Initiative, groundwater sources alone will not meet future freshwater demands for area...

Ensuring high quality water intake in the Queen Mother Reservoir

Thames Water
London, United Kindgom
Photo: A vertical profiler system samples and analyzes water throughout the depth of the Queen Mother Reservoir in London, UK. This allows operators to become...

Salt Lake City, UT (USA) select ozone disinfection to reach the required additional 0,5-log removal of Giardia and comply to local water regulation

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Challenge : The demographic growth in Salt Lake City and requirement to comply to new protozoa disinfection standards drive the local municipality to replace...

Water plant in Gothenburg (Sweden) implements Xylem UV solution in complex space and reduces energy use by 20%, and environmental footprint by 500kg of CO2-equivalent over each UV lamp lifetime

Gothenburg, Sweden
Challenge : The city of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, supplies water from two drinking water plants to the city’s 500,000 inhabitants. Xylem was...

The Largest water plant in Barcelona (Spain) uses Xylem UV disinfection solutions to reduce biofouling on their filtrations system and extend the RO membrane life time

Challenge : Desalination of brackish water and turning into drinking water. Solution : A Wedeco UV disinfection systems upstream of the filtration and RO...

The drinking water plant in Witten (Germany) has been operating since 1886, they choose Xylem for their flexible, compact and tailored UV disinfection solutions

Challenge : The Witten plant supply drinking water to approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The vast majority of the water comes from the Ruhr River as...

Public Administration of Andalucía (Spain) selects the ozonation and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate Trihalomethanes (THM’s) and pesticides from drinking water sources and comply to EU drinking water regulations

Andalucia, Spain
Challenge: The public administration in Andalucia (Spain) is required to comply to standards for the removal of THMs and pesticides in their drinking water...

K-Water chose Wedeco advanced oxidation process for its reliable ozone generating technology for eliminating taste and odor from algae bloom and its efficient mixing technology generating operation savings

South Korea
Challenge: Seasonal algal blooms cause taste and odor in the Han-River which is the Sung-Nam WTP water source for 3 million people in South Korea. Solution:...

Anglian Water uses ozone and hydrogen peroxide to oxidize difficult organics including Metaldehyde while reducing bromate formation to less than 5mg/L

United Kingdom
Challenge : Anglian Water in the UK is challenged by a potable raw water supply that has occurrences of pesticides. Solution : An innovative reactor design...

The city of Retz (Austria) and surrounding villages secure their water supply of the city and some with high technical standard and low life cycle costs using Xylem e-MP pumps and Hydrovar control

Retz, Austria
Challenge : The city of Retz and some nearby villages are centrally supplied with water for drinking sanitary and fire fighting. The total length of the water...

Taking Measure of Advanced Water Metering Technologies

With the recent advancements in water metrology, examine the design and benefits of the iPERL and its potential to impact you and your customers. The iPERL...

Thames Water in London (UK) plans for seasonal water shortfall and reduces water usage by 13% and increase overall customer satisfaction by installing a smart water solution based on the Sensus Flexnet® communication network

London, United Kingdom
Challenge : London is located in one of the most water stressed region in the UK. Thames Water who manages the drinking water supply in the area considered the...

Entega AG, based in Darmstadt (Germany), decided to install 46000 smart water meters and aims to reduce the costs for reading and replacing meters, simplifying metering operations in general and improving leakage monitoring

Darmstadt Germany
Challenge : Supply fresh drinking water to more than 46000 domestic connections and 241000 people every day in Darmstadt, Germany. The current network of water...

The city of Satu Mare (Romania) installs 30000 iPERL™ smart water meters and experiences increased operational efficiency, valuable business intelligence and a reduction in non-revenue water

Satu Mare, Romania
Challenge : A water network riddled with problems, one of which was a discrepancy between sub-meters and the main meters in a house or apartment building. This...

City of Montreal (Canada) selected highly reliable and precise Sahara® acoustic video for the inspection on 34 kilometers of pipelines and detected 24 leaks and zero gas pockets.

Montreal, Canada
Challeng e: The City of Montreal supplies drinking water and wastewater services to a population of nearly 1.9 million people. Solution : Starting in 2007,...

Mountain resort in Utah (USA) reduces water loss by 10% by deploying Visenti intelligent leak detection and pressure monitoring solution

Park City, UT, USA
Challenge : Local management is aware that their 193 km of distribution network has water losses of up to 27.3 m 3 /h water losses. The challenges are to...

Historic Rains in Memphis Lead to Monumental Emergency Bypass

City of Memphis
Memphis, TN, USA
Xylem designed, excavated, and installed a turnkey comprehensive emergency bypass solution to address a failed 96-inch sanitary sewer main that maintained...

Bypass system at Onondaga County pump station enables completion of vital upgrades

West Side sewage pump station
Syracuse, New York, USA
When the West Side sewage pump station in Onondaga County, New York, prepared to undergo its first major upgrade in over 30 years, the project required a...

Fire Codes: A Foundation of Safety for a Rapidly Changing World

The world’s tallest skyscrapers that are transforming city skylines from Shanghai to Dubai are impressive for their architecture and engineering, but perhaps...

First Flygt 3069 Adaptive N™ installed in France called a “miracle solution”

Sully-sur-Loire, France
In March 2017 the first-ever Flygt 3069 pump with Adaptive N to go into service in France faced high expectations. The client, leading French water company...

Xylem solutions can make your plant more efficient and reduce costs

The Suffolk County Department of Public Works
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
Fond du Lac lift station being upgraded with innovative Concertor® pumping system. A maintenance-needy and energy-inefficient lift station needs help....

World cup snow in Austria

World Cup
Sölden, Austria
Application: Municipal Water Supply Vogel Pumpen is giving nature a hand on the World Cup ski slopes of Sölden in Austria. The ski resort has been one of the...