Ballast Pumping

Jabsco ballast pumps are designed to help you get big air.

When you're having fun on a wakeboard, skis, or a tube, a bigger wake will create a more exhilarating ride, and today's modern ballast pumping systems make taking on weight easy with tanks that rapidly fill at the touch of a button. So when it comes time to get in the water and have fun, you want a tried and tested ballast pump with a space-saving design that can handle water efficiently across a range of performance capabilities and vessel sizes.

For decades, the world's best-known boat builders have depended on Jabsco ballast pumps in the ski boat and wakeboard market. Jabsco pioneered the use of flexible impeller pumps for ballast pumping, which are a much more efficient option than a traditional non-reversible centrifugal live well pump. Today, this trusted brand continues that tradition of rugged, reliable marine performance – meeting or exceeding American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and National Marine Manufacturers standards (NMMA).

With an oil-impregnated polyurethane impeller that can easily be reversed without damage, our line of Ballast Puppy and Ballast King pumps are designed to rapidly take on and dump ballast, while modern electronics guard against dry-running damage to the impeller. Available in a wide range of capacities from 9 GPM to 15 GPM, we have suitable ballast pumps for any boat.

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