Monitoring & Observatories

Xylem offer a Smart Sub Observatory, a flexible platform enabling tailor-made solutions, with sensors from different suppliers. They can be used off-the-shelf or customized to better cover application requirements. 

Easy transport and secure launching

Because all the equipment is gathered into a single platform testing of functionality is easy and safe. Equipment is not disconnected during transport - contributing to equipment that has worked during the trial period also working when the equipment is deployed. Instruments and sensors are protected during transport and deployment minimizing delays and malfunctions. This gives reliable collection of data, better economy and not least - that deadlines can be met.

Long-term deployment times

Smart Sub Observatory can use relatively large battery packs so that deployment times can be extensive - several years if needed. Different battery types can be used, and it is important to find the correct type. An interesting solution is a large case with alkaline batteries which negates transport restrictions and allows affordable standard batteries to be bought locally.

Straightforward data communication

Collected data can either be stored in instruments throughout the entire measuring period, or they can be sent to the surface via an acoustic modem. With a combination of acoustic data transfer to a buoy on the surface, forwarding of data via radio or satellite, data can be transmitted directly into a database at the office. Surface vessels over the site can collect data via acoustic communication without the observatory being brought to the surface. In this way you have relatively "fresh" data at low cost. Acoustic data transfer is available as an integrated application. In shallow waters the platform can be equipped with a cable to shore, both to power the instruments and to display data in real time.

Easy to raise to the surface

Smart Sub Observatory can be equipped with a simple and reliable acoustic release. It can be furnished with an Argos or Iridium Beacon and flashing light, to assist retrieval on the surface. In this way it can quickly and easily be serviced and resume operations.


The platform is designed to be reusable thus ensuring owners significant economic advantages. If there is a need for new sensors or other changes, it is usually easy to make such modifications.