Special conductivity measuring cells TetraCon® 325 S and TetraCon® 325/C

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Product Features

Conductivity measurement in special samples. Four electrode conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes for precise and reliable measurement results in special applications in the process and in the lab

  • Also for applications outside water analytics
  • Versatile thanks to large measuring range
  • Reliable results thanks to proven measuring technique

TetraCon® 325 S: Four-electrode-conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, with shovel shaped electrode holder, 4.9 ft (1.5 m) cable and waterproof plug, cell constant K = 0.491 cm-1,
TetraCon® 325/C: Four-electrode-conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, 1.5 m (4.5 ft) cable, water proof plug, cell constant K= 0.475 cm-1, for application in acidic environments, head made of PEEK.

SKU: 301602
TetraCon® 325 S

SKU: 301900
TetraCon® 325/C


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