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Product Features
  • Multi-cell doppler current profiler
  • Designed specifically for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, or harbor
  • MultiCell feature - 10 water velocity cells plus an eleventh automatically adjusting cell
  • 3D water velocity
  • Integrated piezoresistive pressure sensor
  • Reflected echo intensity output
  • Mounting plate for easy installation

Designed for near shore deployement, the SonTek Argonaut-XR ADCP's small size, rugged build, and flexible system architecture makes it attractive for both real-time operation and autonomous deployments. 

Additional Features

  • SDI-12
  • RS-232 communication protocol
  • ViewArgonaut Windows software for real time data collection, data retrieval, deployment, diagnostics and processing
  • Flexible sampling strategies for reduced duty cycle operation
  • Internal memory (stores over 20,000 samples)
  • Compass/two-axis tilt sensor
  • Temperature sensor on exposed titanium pin for fast response

Optional Features

  • External battery pack for autonomous operation
  • RPT Pressure sensor (20m max depth)
  • Integrated CT sensor
  • The MultiCell Feature

MultiCell is an innovative way of current profiling. Combining all the benefits of classical current profiling with the dynamic AutoTide feature, users have the best of both worlds. The Additional dynamic velocity cell adjusts with changes in water level.


Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Surface Water & Groundwater
Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Surface Water & Groundwater
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