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Product Features
  • ​Ozone production of 0.5 to 20 lbs./day 3 to 400 g/hr
  • Compact skid mounted design
  • Low installation and maintenance requirements
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • High concentration ozone generation
  • Engineered for permanent operation

WEDECO "plug and play" OCS unit

​Wedeco Ozone Complete Systems (OCS) are designed to meet the customer requirements, and are a ready-to-install and easy to operate ozone unit with a high reliability. OCS units are ”plug and play” solutions for customers looking for easy process integration of ozone applications into their processes.

The system can work automatically after starting with the main switch or an external signal.

OCS units are equipped with an ozone monitor detecting ozone in ambient air, complies with CE-EMVG and ZH 1/474, and is pre-tested before shipment. All components are mounted on a stainless steel frame and are ready for connection.

Standard components of Wedeco OCS units are an ozone generator (up to GSO 30), feedgas supply via oxygen generator, introduction system with pump and injector, ambient air monitoring, electric controls with signal exchange, stainless steel frame with internal piping and wiring, and pipework and wiring. Optional accessories include ozone concentration monitoring (gas/water), reaction and degassing tanks in different sizes, residual ozone destruction in off gas, and stainless steel cabinet and piping.





Recommended Solutions

Wastewater Treatment
Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment