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4319, 4419R, 5860
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A Compact Fully Integrated Sensor for Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Seawater

Conductivity sensors from Aanderaa are compact, fully integrated sensors for measuring the electrical conductivity of salt water. Conductivity is a key parameter for in-situ measurements of several fundamental physical properties of salt water. 

Product Features
  • For measuring the electrical conductivity of seawater
  • Based on an inductive principle providing stable measurements
  • Smart sensor technology - provides calibrated data directly
  • Internal pressure never exceeds 1 bar therefore electronics and sensors are unaffected by sea depth
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Output format: RS-232
  • 3 depth ranges, maximum 6,000 meters

For seawater, the ability to conduct electrical current is mostly dependent on temperature and the amount of inorganic dissolved solids. Salinity is defined as the concentration of dissolved solids. This means that, together with temperature and depth information, a good estimate of the salinity may be determined. By using the inductive principle, stable measurement can be obtained with­out utilizing electrodes that are easily fouled and may wear out in the field.

Conductivity Sensor 4319

  • Designed to be used with SeaGuard or SmartGuard datalogger using AiCaP CANbus or as stand-alone sensor using RS-232.
  • The Smart sensors can be mounted directly on the top end plate of the Aanderaa SmartGuard, in a String System node or connected to the SmartGuard and are automatically detected and recognized.

Conductivity Sensor 4419R

  • The Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4419 is designed to be used as stand-alone sensor using RS-422.

Conductivity Sensor 5860

  • Designed to be used as stand-alone sensor using RS-232.






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