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Sensor String Systems

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD® String System is a complete and flexible subsea observatory, for the measurement and monitoring of multiparameters such as dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, current, pressure and tide.

SEAGUARD® String Logger

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD® String Logger is the basic module of the SEAGUARD® String System.The SEAGUARD® String Logger is capable of handling a large number of sensors. Data is stored on an internal SD-card or transferred in real-time via cable.  

SEAGUARD® Sensor String

The new Aanderaa SEAGUARD® Sensor String is designed to be connected to the SEAGUARD® String Logger.The SEAGUARD® String System can hold up to 25 AiCaP Sensors. Real-time communication and control is available using the Aanderaa Real-Time Collector.

Product Features
  • For use in sea and fresh water
  • Great flexibility; data registration from up to 25 nodes
  • Customer specified outlet positions
  • Protective fastening fixture with hydrodynamic design
  • Plug and play sensor configuration
  • Up to 4 Analog sensor inputs (0-5V) (optional)
  • Up to 300m cable length
  • Extended RAM for large number of nodes
  • Large storage capacity on an SD card
  • Real-Time XML Output RS-422 (optional)
  • Short recording interval
  • Each outlet position can hold 2 sensors inside
  • Windows CE interface, display in color
  • SEAGUARD® Studio visualization software
  • 300m/2000m/6000m versions
  • External power supply 12 - 30V internally regulated to 11.6V
  • Optional sensors can be connected on fly leads (up to 3m) with or without underwater mateable electrical connectors
  • AiCaP communication bus for automatic detection and recognition of sensors at power up
  • Low maintenance

The Aanderaa SeaGuard Sensor String is designed to be connected to the SeaGuard String Logger. The string system can hold up to 25 AiCaP sensors. The design of the cable ends enables easy extention of the cable or creation of suitable cable subsections; the maximum cable length is 300m. The positions of the string outlets are customer specified. The SeaGuard Sensor String offers a highly flexible configuration making the system a perfect tool for measurements of e.g. dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, pressure and tide etc.

A typical application is monitoring of a water column. The fly lead option is suitable for measurements in biological
sensitive areas, e.g. coral reefs.

Sensors and SeaGuard string mounted onto the Top-end Plate are connected to a hub underneath the Top-end Plate: simply plug the sensor/string onto the Top-end Plate, fasten a set screw, start the instrument, and all sensors are automatically detected and recognized.

The SeaGuard String Logger and the Aanderaa smart sensors are interfaced by means of a reliable CANbus protocol (AiCaP) using XML for plug and play capabilities. During power-up, each of the sensors that are connected to the bus will report their capabilities and specifications to the string logger. The string logger then assembles the information and provides the user with the possibility to configure the instrument based on the present nodes. The solution provides for great flexibility in both use and design of the different elements within the system.




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