Ready for a vacation? – “Tropical Islands“ are close by


Tropical Islands resort

Brandenburg, Germany

For many years, Mr. Colin Au, successful owner of a cruiseline, had brought tourists to tropical and subtropical regions, especially in the Pacific. Recently, the ambitious businessman from Malaysia, together with other investors, footed a bill of 70 million Euros to bring the Tropical Islands to Germany.

Europe’s only tropical paradise was opened in December of 2004 south of Berlin in the world’s largest self-supporting hall.

Originally intended for the assembly of cargo dirigibles, the location now is home to an attractive recreational area of 6,6, hectares (66.000 square meters) in seize, featuring shows, entertainment, swimming, sports activities, a children’s club, beach parties, restaurants and souvenirs.

The impressive hall, 360 meters long, 210 meters wide, and 107 meters high, presents an authentical tropical vegetation with 500 different plants and allows insights into the cultures of Brazil, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and Kenya. Well-known interior decorators, landscape-gardeners and botanists have been won for this project.

Approximately 5 million people living within an hour’s driving distance are the potential visitors of the Tropical Islands resort. 850 employees are waiting to take care for them, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The maximum daily capacity runs up to 7.000 visitors. This already gigantic business is about to grow further by adding an outside recreational area of 500 hectares (5.000.000 square meters).