Food Service Equipment

Greater Productivity from the Front of the House to the Back

In any food service environment, smooth, reliable operations are essential to providing excellent food and service – as well as driving greater profitability. An efficient kitchen streamlines food preparation and enables back-of-house staff to work in a consistent and productive manner. At Xylem, our Flojet brand is a leading global supplier to food and beverage equipment OEMs and restaurant chains, providing the expertise and food service pump solutions that remove production bottlenecks, ensure uptime, and increase output. We add value at every step of the way, including out in the field, where we offer a full range of responsive service through our global network of distributor partners.

Fryer Top-Off 


Managing cooking oil can be one of the most labor-intensive, messy tasks in any restaurant. Our wide range of foodservice pumps and analytics solutions have been engineered to maintain a consistent oil level in the fryer while cooking, and quickly transfer oil during cleaning or maintenance.

Ware Washing


From mechanical and manual dish stations to countertop rinsers, Xylem’s different pumps, filters, and water boosting solutions can handle any kitchen or foodservice need. Our booster pumps precisely control feedwater pressure, while our filtration solutions ensure no scaling issues in equipment. For bar and coffee shop applications, our jet spray and countertop rinsers provide a controlled flow for light pressure washes.

Ice Makers


To ensure high-quality, great-tasting ice, Xylem offers a full complement of recirculation pumps, filtration, and water pressure pumps for refrigeration applications and filling ice trays. Our coupled centrifugal ice maker pumps provide a long life with a compact footprint for easy installation, while our water boosters protect equipment from over-pressure conditions.

Condiment & Topping Dispensing


In high-volume settings, controlling costs and delivering a controlled, repeatable amount of product are critical. Our condiment pumps and dispensing solutions for bag-in-box condiments and sauces eliminate the need for single use packages and hand mechanisms, while keeping products safe and fresh from fill through end-use.

Test Measurement/Analytics


From turbidity monitoring for fryer oil to refractometers used to measure brix levels, Xylem’s analytical and measurement solutions help meet food safety and quality standards while providing a consistent taste and consumer experience at every location.


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