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Product Features

ViewArgonaut consists of five modules:

  • Diagnostics - Deployment site survey and diagnostics tool.
  • Recorder - Extracts data from or erases the Argonaut's optional
    internal recorder.Deployment - Sets up the Argonaut for an Autonomous or SDI-12 deployment.
  • Realtime - Sets up the Argonaut to collect and display real-time data.
  • Processing - Lets you play back and manipulate Argonaut data.
  • Output compatible with FlowPack velocity-indexing software tool

V 3.72 — 29JUL2010

ViewArgonaut is a Windows-based deployment, postprocessing, and diagnostic software program that can be used with any SonTek Argonaut current meter (MD, SW, XR, Argonaut-ADV and SonTek-SL500).


  • SonTek Argonaut system
  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2K
  • Pentium processor or above
  • 32 MB memory
  • 5 MB available disk space
  • Monitor capable of 800x600 resolution or better
  • 16-bit color or better recommended


Products that use this software