SonTek CastAway-CTD Software & Offline Map Add-On



Product Features
  • Full communication with the device, over Bluetooth telemetry
  • View/Analyze cast data
  • Download data from instrument
  • Display online/offline map of cast area
  • Manage cast database
  • Display/Export raw data
  • Configure instrument
  • Capture chart/map images for publications
  • Import user maps
  • Export data to Hypack, ASCII and MATLAB formats
  • Upgrade CTD’s firmware

V 1.5 — 30JAN2012

The CastAway-CTD software is a Windows-based data display and post-processing program to be used exclusively with the CastAway-CTD. It is used to communicate with the instrument, download data, configure the instrument, upgrade the CastAway-CTD’s firmware, in addition to offering a suite of data visualization, management and exporting capabilities.

System Requirements:

  • A PC with any of these operating systems should be able to use the software: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Access to a high speed internet connect is not required, but does provide a greater number of options for the background map.


Although not required, the CastAway-CTD offline map software is best used when the host computer is connected to high-speed internet connection. For applications where an internet connection is not available, the software comes standard with a with a small (~1 MB) World Map. On this map are displayed the locations for all the casts in the software’s database. As expected, this map offers only course resolution.

SonTek makes available a higher resolution offline map for use with the CastAway-CTD software. This map includes the same basic information as the small offline map, but at a noticeably higher resolution. It should be noted, however, that even the large offline map does NOT offer the highest resolution available for use with the CastAway-CTD software—for this, a high-speed internet connection is required.

The Large Offline Map add-on is used to install this map and is automatically linked with the CastAway-CTD software.

IMPORTANT: the large offline map add-on is a VERY LARGE file—approximately 1 GB. Please make sure you are using a high-speed connection when downloading this program!


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