The New FlowTracker2 Lab ADVĀ® with SonTek Engineer Adam Jackson

SonTek's Flagship Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Technology

Duration: 1:40

For decades, the Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) has been the preferred instrument for precisely-defined sampling of water velocity across a wide range of environments. The FlowTracker2 Lab ADV utilizes SonTek’s continuing innovation in ADV platforms to offer a laboratory version of the world’s best-selling ADV, the FlowTracker2. For the first time, the ADV’s acoustic probe and processing electronics are housed in one small, lightweight, easily-maneuverable unit, and the acoustic head has an optional, integrated pressure (depth) sensor.

FT2 Lab ADV is recommended for use in:

  • Civil engineering, environmental, and hydraulic projects
  • Aquaculture and aquarium operations
  • Surface and bottom boundary studies
  • Tanks, flumes, and physical models
  • Very shallow water environments
  • Turbulence
  • Settling rates
  • Fish screens

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