Building Better Futures for Today and Beyond

For over 100 years, Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, has been an industry thought leader and pioneering manufacturer of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and accessories for hydronic HVAC — including steam and heat transfer — plumbing and wastewater applications.

Building Better Futures represents our commitment to advancing sustainability, decarbonization and efficiency across all aspects of our business, and tells the overarching narrative on how the work we do now contributes to better futures for our customers and communities. 

Our History

Formed by W.C. Bell and E.J. Gossett in Chicago in 1916 to manufacture and sell case hardening compounds, with potable water heaters added two years later, B&G has since made a name for itself as an industry leader in efficiency, expertise and education – through its instructor-led and online classes at the Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse; through its commitment to building better futures; and through its world-class products, comprehensive solutions and over 100 years of unmatched application expertise in more than 150 countries.

Together, with Xylem’s well-known Applied Water Systems global brands, we meet the world’s most critical water challenges head-on by engineering the broadest portfolio of products, applications and services to create efficient systems and sustainable solutions. Every day, our company meets the expanding needs of growing populations, communities and industries that are driving demand for water system improvements, often in the harshest environments. 

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Bell & Gossett's Little Red Schoolhouse is Expanding!May 2024 (podcast)

Bell & Gossett's Little Red Schoolhouse is expanding! With an evolving focus on sustainability, decarbonization and electrification of hydronic systems, we're enriching the offerings of our online training platform to meet these industry demands. Hear more from Bill Fisher, senior manager of training and education, Xylem who recently joined "DID YOU KNOW? - The ESCO HVAC Podcast" to discuss the future of HVAC and plumbing education.  

Hydronic Systems Utilize the Power of Water – April 2024 

Heating and cooling a hotel can account for almost 40% of the electricity and more than half of the natural gas usage. The solution? Hydronic HVAC systems. Not only do they cut costs and help reach sustainability goals, but they can reduce carbon footprint and keep the maintenance crew out of guest rooms by moving the HVAC systems to the mechanical room. In this way, hydronic system installation can be done in both new and existing properties. Hotel Business Magazine interviewed Alan Jones, senior director of product management, Xylem to learn more. 

Flowing forward: Commercial Pumps Embrace Sustainability for a Greener Future – April 2024 

Advancements in pump technology are enabling greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Manufacturers are integrating features like variable speed drives and advanced controls to optimize pump performance, contributing to a greener future in commercial applications. Rajni Suthar, director of new product development and OEM engineering, Xylem and Steve Clark, director of intelligent solutions, Xylem, explain more in this PM Engineer article. 

Retrofitting Buildings for a Sustainable Future - March 2024  

As the effects of climate change continue to accelerate, so do efforts to invest in and adopt smart solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability benefits. In this Mechanical Business article, Steve Clark, director, intelligent solutions, Xylem, discusses retrofitting buildings to create a more sustainable future.  

Radiant Heating Systems Deliver Comfort, Regardless of the Energy Source (online & print) - November 20, 2023  

Most modern hydronic systems come equipped with ECM circulators that allow for precise temperature control by adjusting water flow rates. That means you can ensure comfort and energy all season long. Learn more about the advantages of hydronic radiant heat from Barry Lee, product manager, Xylem featured in this article from ACHR NEWS.  

Bell & Gossett Releases E-Book Series on Role of Hydronics in Sustainability - November 1, 2023  

A wave of new building codes, policies and regulations are driving change in our industry, and we're working to advance sustainability and achieve decarbonization and net zero emissions. Learn more in this article from HVAC/P - HVAC and Plumbing Product News exploring our three-part e-book series.  

Advanced Technology Position Pumps as Versatile, Energy-Saving Solution - December 2023

With an ever-growing focus on energy conservation, plumbing and heating and cooling professionals are turning to new technologies that can help them design smarter, more efficient solutions. Xylem product manager, Barry Lee, explains how advanced technology positions ECM circulator pumps as a versatile, energy-saving solution.

Alan Jones on Future Proof Capabilities of Hydronics - October 4, 2023

As we work to control costs and improve the reliability and efficiency of HVAC systems, it’s important to accurately compare the various system options available. Time and time again, hydronic systems have proven to be the sustainable and reliable heating and cooling solution of choice. Learn more about the comparative advantages of hydronic HVAC systems in this article by Alan Jones, senior director of product management at Xylem, published by Engineered Systems. 

Heat Exchanger Technology Aiding Transition to Sustainable Future – August 31, 2023

In the commercial building industry's push to lower its carbon footprint, heat exchangers like Bell & Gossett's new high-efficiency GPX product line are becoming a strategic and sustainable solution to reduce energy consumption. Discover more in this article co-authored by McNevin Company's Eugene Mitchell and Xylem's Jim Klimek, featured in Consulting-Specifying Engineer. 

Xylem Illustrates How Smart Technology Streamlines Preventive Maintenance – August 25, 2023

Preventive maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of pumps and motors, with many building owners and operators turning to digital tools like Bell & Gossett's ESP-Systemwize to help. Learn more in this Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) article written by Steve Clark, director, product management for intelligent solutions, Xylem. 

Five Reasons to Choose Hydronic HVAC Systems – April 5, 2023

There are substantial benefits of hydronic HVAC systems, from lower energy usage and cost to longer system life expectancy, that makes them more attractive over other heating and cooling methods. In this article featured in ACHR News, Alan Jones, senior director of product management, global residential and HVAC, Xylem, details five major advantages of hydronic HVAC systems. 

Five Ways Software Promotes Responsible, Efficient Hydronic System Design – June 21, 2023

Designing an efficient hydronic system and narrowing down the necessary system components can be challenging. How can you ensure you’re selecting the right component to maximize efficiency? Bell & Gossett’s advanced software selection program, ESP-Systemwize, helps ensure a responsible hydronic system design and prioritize what matters most to your build. Learn more in this ACHR News article by Jennifer Freres, global product manager - centrifugal pumps, Xylem. 

How the Willis Tower Began its Renovation – May 24, 2023

When Chicago’s tallest building, the Willis Tower, underwent a five-year renovation, sustainability was top of mind. To reduce the building's environmental impact, cutting-edge HVAC technology and natural gas hot water boilers were installed by Bell & Gossett representative Bornquist Inc. Read more about the building’s innovative hydronic heating and cooling system in this Facilities Net article. 

Commercial Building Industry Key to a Greener Future – January 31, 2023

“Reducing wasted #HVAC energy consumption is an important element in the push for greater sustainability in the commercial building sector. It is also a solution to significantly reduce operating costs.” Read on to learn how integrating hydronic systems into building components can help take meaningful action toward sustainability and realizing a greener future in this article from Contractor Magazine written by Mike Licastro, Bell & Gossett's training and education manager.


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Building Better Futures

Discover how we are taking action to build a better future through innovative and sustainable solutions. 

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