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e-SV/e-SVE Series Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pumps

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Product Features

e-SV Pump Features:

  • The expanded hydraulic coverage of an e-SV pump combined with a NEMA premium-efficient motor delivers maximum performance.
  • The extended e-SV portfolio allows you to select a pump aligned with your application’s optimum duty point.
  • A variable speed drive such as Hydrovar® or Aquavar® IPC increases a e-SV’s energy savings up to 70% vs. fixed speed.
  • Standard models offer low NPSH, with even lower NPSH models available.
  • e-SV pumps are available in horizontal and vertical configurations.
  • The pump can be easily repaired right in the piping. 

e-SVE Smart Pump Features:

  • Features the Xylem Smart Motor an ultra-premium IE5 permanent, magnet motor, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA Premium asynchronous motor.
    • includes a wide range of monitoring, control and safety features right out of the box with no need to configure.
    • can operate single or multipump systems of up to three pumps, with no need for an external control panel or PLC.
    • exceeds hydraulic performance of fixed speed versions in a more compact design.
  • Six e-SVE pump ranges are available with multiple construction designs offer flexibility for a wide list of applications, including residential and light commercial, OEM applications and HVAC.
    • Certified to the NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water System Components Standard.
    • Options include high-temperature seals, low NPSH design, high pressure design, and passivated and electropolished versions.

Packaged e-SV Hydrovar Features:

  • The Packaged e-SV Hydrovar provides industry-leading efficiencies with a broad performance range.
  • The vertically-mounted configuration of e-SV pump, motor and Hydrovar drive is designed to save space.
  • The components are pre-sized and pre-selected, which simplifies the ordering process.
  • The system is assembled, programmed and tested in the factory.
  • The system has the capability to control up to eight pumps.

e-SV Pump:

The e-SV fabricated vertical multi-stage pump is an energy saving, non-priming pump coupled to a standard premium-efficient motor. It’s built to withstand a variety of, mechanically aggressive and high temperature liquids, and is designed to extend uptime and help reduce lifecycle costs in a wide range of demanding applications.

The e-SV range of pumps features 11 models, and each can be specially configured for a wide range of environments. What’s more, when an e-SV is paired with a Hydrovar® or Aquavar® IPC variable speed drive, it provides energy saving increases up to 70% vs. fixed speed, while reducing installation time.

e-SVE Smart Pump:

The e-SVE smart pump is the newest addition to the e-SV pump family.  It is a pre-programmed package combining the e-SV fabricated vertical multi-stage pump with a Xylem Smart Motor – an “ultra-premium” level IE5 permanent magnet motor with built-in pump protection controls and monitoring. The combination allows for easy, cost effective installation, and has a pre-configured system’s intelligence and performance right out of the box. Six e-SVE pump ranges are available with multiple construction designs offer flexibility for a wide list of applications, including residential and light commercial, OEM applications and HVAC.

e-SV Packaged Hydrovar®:

The Hydrovar variable speed pump drive takes pumping to a new level of flexibility and efficiency when combined with the e-SV pump. The e-SV Packaged Hydrovar ships as one complete unit comprised of an e-SV pump, a Hydrovar drive and a fused disconnect. It arrives pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-programmed. The Packaged Hydrovar is designed for centrifugal pump systems requiring constant pressure, flow control or differential pressure.

Performance Curves

Performance Curves


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