Energize Your Science Class With the CastAway-CTD Lesson Plan!

Custom Curriculum Helps Educators in the Classroom

Duration: 35:10

Small, handy and easy-to-use, the CastAway-CTD is a fan-favorite used by researchers, oceanographers and scientists who need quick and reliable salinity and temperature data.

The instrument is also widely-used as a tool in environmental science classes as a way to help instructors teach water property fundamentals and demonstrate methods to collect data. Today, educators have even more resources with the NEW customized lesson plan focusing on salinity measurements, now available and shipped with all CastAway-CTDs!

Join SonTek Application Engineer, Dr. Xue Fan, and special guest presenter from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Dr. Todd Martz, for this short online presentation, to learn more about how the CastAway-CTD and accompanying curriculum can inspire and engage students! Questions? Contact us.

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