Wedeco Ozone Generators Enhance Water Clarity at the Georgia Aquarium, GA


The Aquarium system operates as a closed loop and is able to recapture and reuse over 99% of the water in its exhibits. In order to reuse the majority of the tank water, the aquarium must ensure that waste from its aquatic residents is removed. This entails an elaborate water purification system that pumps and filters the entire 10 million gallons for a complete turnover of the tank water roughly every 1.5 hours.

When choosing a partner to provide ozone expertise and equipment, Eric needed someone who understands the industry and this delicate balance between water quality and water clarity. Wedeco had excellent experience serving all the SeaWorld parks worldwide for years, and were familiar with the special needs of aquatic species, both marine and fresh water. With an established record for reliability and care of the client during the design, through construction and after startup, Wedeco had the expertise and experience that provided the needed trust and comfort level.

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