Wedeco Duron UV System Key to Future Expansions at Plainfield South WWTP


Like most expansions of existing facilities, the hydraulic profile is set and the new processes must fit within that profile. One critical decision was the selection of the post aeration structure. Whitaker Engineering selected an energy efficient low-profile cascade aeration (LPCA) system designed to treat a range of flows from the current low instantaneous flow up to a peak instantaneous flow of 23.2 MGD. That being said, fitting the system into the existing hydraulic profile, expanding the UV capacity and leaving space for future expansions was challenging. Choosing the right UV system was key to making it all work – both today and for tomorrow.

Whitaker Engineering chose a low profile, high-performance Wedeco Duron system. A major factor in the selection was the Duron system’s ability to function over a range of water elevations, up to 3.5 times the range of conventional UV systems. This flexibility allowed the water level for both the UV system and the LPCA to be controlled by a single Customer: Astbury Water Technology, Plainfield, IN Challenge: Expanding treatment plant needing to have plans for future growth Products: Wedeco Duron UV System Ecoray 600W lamp Order date: 2013 Completion: 2014 Wedeco Duron UV System Key to Future Expansions at Plainfield South WWTP Compact footprint and flexible hydraulics ease initial expansion and leaves room for future growth combination weir gate, eliminating the need for the large weir structure of the existing UV unit. The LPCA could be located immediately downstream of the UV channel, again conserving space for the future.

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