SenTix® Mic-Series for Small Volume pH Measurement

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pH micro electrode WTW SenTix® Mic, S7 plug head, shaft diameter 5 mm, ceramic junction, requires cable AS/DIN or AS/BNC. pH micro electrode SenTix® Mic-D, shaft diameter 3 mm, platinum wire junction, 1 mfixed cable with DIN plug, pH micro electrode SenTix® Mic-B, shaft diameter 3 mm, platinum wire junction, 1 m fixed cable with BNC plug.

Product Features
  • pH measurement in small vessels
  • Membrane diameter 5 mm or 3 mm
  • Ceramic or platinum wire junction
  • Plug head or fixed cable

All electrodes have a 3 mol/l KCl reference system.

Available Versions

SKU: 103647 - SenTix® Mic

SKU: 103660 - SenTix® Mic-D

SKU: 103661 - SenTix® Mic-B


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