TLC Series Ebro TLC 750i Dual-Infrared Fold-Back-Thermometer

SKU: 1340-5736A
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Foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor

The new Ebro TLC750i Infrared Thermometer with rotating display and readable in the dark! The infrared thermometer is in accordance with HACCP, BRC, IFS and ISO22000.

Product Features
  • Measurement range -50 °C ... +250 °C (-58 °F ... +482 °F)
  • Display with backlight for reading in dark environments
  • Display can be upside down for reading from both sides
  • Double laser pointer
  • Compact, handy pocket size
  • Surface temperature measurement via infrared
  • Core temperature via collapsible plug-in sensor
  • °C / °F switchable
  • Replaceable battery

The most suitable thermometer for performing HACCP tasks is the TLC 750 which is produced in three different types: The TLC 750 BT for Bluetooth data transmission, the TLC 750 NFC and the most popular and widely used TLC 750i with Dual Infrared (double laser pointer) and FoldBack Thermometer.

What makes the TLC 750 Series highly beneficial in terms of usability is its design that allows the user to measure surface temperatures using the infrared sensor and also the product temperature or core temperature with the strong and rigid Type T Thermocouple penetration probe.


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