3 ways Xylem technology is helping India solve water

3 ways Xylem technology is helping India solve water

Solutions enable industry and municipalities to address challenges of water scarcity, water affordability, energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.

As water challenges escalate in India, Xylem is sharpening our customer focus and making it simpler for utilities, municipalities and commercial users of water across the country to adopt advanced water solutions. Earlier this year, Xylem India inaugurated two state-of-the-art facilities in Vadodara and Chennai. These new facilities will help more Xylem customers learn about innovative and practical water technologies and explore how to leverage them in their businesses and communities.

Xylem also continues to deliver proven results for municipal and commercial water operators across India – partnering with customers to solve their toughest water challenges. Here are three stories of Xylem solutions making a difference:

1. Enabling Chennai to set the pace on water reuse

The city of Chennai continues to face a severe water shortage, due to rapid urbanization, increasing population, erratic rainfall patterns and heavy industrial demand – especially from the electronics, textiles and manufacturing sectors. The city's aquifers are being depleted because of the dependency on groundwater to supply industry’s growing needs.

In response, the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) constructed a 45 million liters per day (MLD) Tertiary Treatment Reverse Osmosis (TTRO) facility to treat and recycle wastewater. The primary goal of the new plant is to offer local industry an alternative source of water to protect freshwater resources, reduce pressure on city water supplies, reduce pollution and ensure a consistent supply of clean water to manufacturers for production.

Built by IDE and WABAG, the state-of-the-art facility is one of the largest and most technologically advanced water reuse plants in India.

Xylem was selected to provide three reliable, chemical-free and environmentally friendly ozonation systems. The installed ozonation solutions help in the delivery of disinfected water to industrial areas while leaving no hazardous by-products in the water or the environment, saving the community 16 million cubic meters of freshwater per year. With the construction of this facility, Chennai has become the first Indian city to reuse more than 20% of its treated wastewater.

2. Helping India’s data centers improve energy and cost efficiencies

Xylem India is playing a key role supporting commercial users of water in the country. Xylem partners with many leading data centers that are vital to India’s digital revolution, providing our advanced and smart pumping solutions to help them improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

One such example is in Mumbai where a leading cloud computing data center was looking for energy-efficient pumps for its chilled water system to reduce power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and achieve cost savings. The customer chose Xylem’s pumping solution for HVAC, including our 1510 end-suction pump, GLC vertical single-stage in-line pump and fixed-speed hydro pneumatic booster set.

Xylem also provided a Powersav variable speed control panel, which modulates pump discharge pressure according to fluctuating needs to optimize and improve pump efficiency.

As a result, the customer has reduced energy consumption by optimizing hydraulic performance, reduced CO2 emissions, and increased cost savings by enhancing pump life and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Partnering with a manufacturing industrial customer to meet compliance requirements

A leading manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds needed help fulfilling the chilled water circulation requirement for its operations in Gujarat, India. The diamond formation process requires high temperatures, which can cause equipment to overheat, resulting in a loss of control over the growth process and equipment damage. Water chillers play a crucial role in managing the temperature of the diamond growth chamber throughout the growing process.

To help meet the customer’s needs, Xylem and our partner, Vatten Technology, supplied more than 130 Xylem Lowara horizontal multistage pumps (eHM pumps) with Hydrovar, an intelligent controller variable frequency drive that delivers energy savings and efficient pump operation, and 50 Xylem B&G end suction pumps.

The selection of Xylem pumps, which offer cutting-edge hydraulics and best-in-class efficiency, provides an array of benefits including, easy installation, extended pump life, optimized hydraulic performance, and reduced maintenance time and costs.

The result: Xylem’s pumps have helped the customer meet its chilled water circulation requirement at the facility. In addition, the pump’s intelligent controller has contributed to a reduction in the plant's overall energy usage by 30%.

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