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District Cooling & Heating

​For energy efficiency, groups of commercial and residential buildings often share heating and cooling services from a centralized generating location via district heating and cooling systems.

For all district heating and cooling services, heat transfer products are integral to system efficiency and performance. Xylem designs and manufactures a wide range of heat transfer products for commercial district heating and cooling systems.

From simple shell and tube heat exchangers to sophisticated, precision-engineered custom units, we can meet all of your heat transfer requirements.

Xylem heat transfer products for the district heating and cooling market include:

  • Shell and tube products including standard and custom models, aftercoolers and steam condensers
  • Plate-type products including gasketed and brazed models
  • Packaged steam condensers
  • Air-cooled products
Products Brands
Types of Xylem Pumps

Information, application tips and technical data for all of our pump types.

Split Case & Double Suction Pumps

Vertically or horizontally split pumps with multiple flange orientation.


Reliable and economical solutions for pumping and circulating clean or dirty water.