Jabsco VeraFlex™ FIP Cart System

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Model No.: VeraFlex Series

  • Complete Mobile Flexible Impeller Unit Jabsco Pioneered FIP technology, providing lowest cost of ownership amongst competing technologies.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hygienic body & Washdown Motor, allows for quick cleaning, minimizing down time by up to 300%*.
  • Flexible Impeller Pump with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) allows both viscous fluids and soft solids to pass through without damage as well as the ability to pump in both forward and reverse.
  • Wireless Remote Option exclusively from Jabsco reduces the time and costs associated with moving between pumps and tanks and helps minimize damage to the pump from running dry.
  • Removable Handle allow for easy and convenient storage of the cart system.

Flow rate: Nominal 60 gallons/min (228 litres/min)

The New VeraFlex™ Flexible Impeller Pump Cart System is designed to ease the transfer of material for a variety of food and beverage processing applications. VeraFlex has all the benefits of flexible Impeller pumping including the ability to transport the material source and self prime, flow reversal and gentle handling of thin or viscous fluids.




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